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Seeking New and Better Approaches to Care

Always striving to provide the highest quality care, our research team delivers complex clinical care and highly specialized care while reducing costs and improving overall health outcomes.

Our behavioral health research team has extensive experience in working with industry- and government-sponsored clinical trials, as well as executing investigator-led studies.

Our clinical and outcomes research focuses on conditions across a comprehensive continuum of care, including:

  • Community outreach
  • Education
  • Emergency services
  • Inpatient care
  • Intensive outpatient care
  • Outpatient therapies
  • Primary care
  • Virtual care

Working with industry and government sponsors, our researchers are looking for solutions to some of the most relevant and critical behavioral health issues patients and their families are facing.

Our behavioral health research program offers:

  • An experienced infusion team
  • Extensive logistical and business support
  • A highly skilled pool of investigators
  • A large and diverse patient population
  • Onsite imaging facilities
  • An onsite clinical pharmacist investigator
  • Quality of data and its delivery
  • Team members with decades of extensive experience in the behavioral health field

Current Areas of Behavioral Health Research

Neuropsychiatric Research

Our researchers are focused on developing novel therapeutics for severe and persistent psychiatric and neurogenerative disorders and enhancing the design and methodology of clinical trials – with a special emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease, treatment-resistant depression and cognitive aspects of schizophrenia.

Substance Abuse Disorders

Addiction medicine is a significantly untapped area of prevention for chronic medical conditions and trauma. Our researchers are looking at ways to better educate, prevent and treat addiction. Areas of current research include opioid abuse as well as tobacco and alcohol use.


Our behavioral health researchers are exploring the use of telepsychiatry in an attempt to reduce admissions and avoid ER readmissions caused by psychiatric issues. Delivering mental health services remotely, virtual patient navigators work with patients and psychiatrists to help determine what a patient’s needs are in real time and what type of care is best for them.