Going to the hospital can be full of unknowns for you and your child. Here’s an idea of how you can prepare and what you can expect after admission.

Before your stay

  1. Get to know the hospital. Taking the time to figure out everything from where to park to where to eat will be a major burden off your shoulders.
  2. Learn everything you can. The more you know about your child’s condition or procedure, the better prepared you’ll feel.
  3. Talk to your child. Use an age-appropriate approach to prepare your child for their hospital visit and reassure them.
  4. Pack a bag. Don’t forget items that make your child feel as at home as possible. This checklist will help!

On the day of admission

  1. Arrive on time. Our admitting office will call you in advance to let you know when to be here. 
  2. Head to the lobby for check-in. Just walk through the main doors of the hospital, and you’ll see our check-in team in the lobby.
  3. Get settled in. Whether your child is here for tests, treatment or a procedure, our team will guide you to the appropriate floor and room.
  4. Ask questions. And write down the answers and instructions from your child’s doctor so you don’t forget.