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Your child’s care is COVID-Safe.

Whatever your child’s medical needs are, we’re here for them – with COVID-Safe care. We’re setting the national standard with innovative safety measures, so your family feels comfortable and confident each time you visit. See what we’re doing to keep you COVID-Safe.

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The best kids' care is worth celebrating.

For the 12th year in a row, Levine Children's Hospital is recognized by U.S. News & World Report for our specialty care. Named the only Best Children's Hospital in Charlotte, we always give our best so patients can be theirs. And with over 30 specialty programs and everything Levine Children's has to offer, kids can get all the best care – right here.

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Kids don't want to be sick. Kids just want to be kids. See how we work to find new ways to provide the best care and treat kids like kids.

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Rowan is our heart hero.

Rowan was diagnosed with a rare heart condition that stopped his heart more than once. Thanks to his fast-acting parents and care team, he got the treatment he needed and is feeling like a typical kid again – down to the homework.

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Spina bifida – a barrier? Not for Joshua.

Born with spina bifida, Joshua faces gastroenterological challenges unique to this condition. With the right care and support, he's able to do things his way, including playing golf. And as he gets older, only two words are off-limits: I can't.

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Malia might be tiny, but she's mighty.

Malia has experienced more health complications than most do in a lifetime. She spent nearly a year in the neonatal intensive care unit, facing one battle after another. She fought, and finally, she won, proving there's nothing Malia can't overcome.

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Kyle has kidney disease, but it's not who he is.

Kyle has fought chronic kidney disease for most of his life, and his next step will be a kidney transplant. The 16-year-old advocates for kids like him and always has a positive attitude. He's the kind of person who makes you better just for knowing him.

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Madison’s helped kids with cancer, like her.

Even while fighting bone cancer, Madison always found ways to celebrate. Instead of letting tough treatments get her down, she gave back by making crafts and raising money for other kids fighting cancer. There's truly no one like her.

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Dylan is now seizure-free (and free to be 16).

Dylan always wanted independence, but seizures got in the way. After trying various medications, he underwent a robot-assisted procedure and brain surgery to treat his epilepsy at the source. Ever since, Dylan has been free of seizures, free to live his life and – for now – free to just be 16.

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Lily is the boss of her diagnosis.

Lily was born with a neurological condition that caused her feet to curve in, making it almost impossible to walk. Since orthopedic surgery to fix the issue, Lily is showing her condition who's boss and overcoming all sorts of obstacles.

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