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Mission, Vision, and Core Values

The mission, vision, and core values drive the priorities of Cabarrus College.


Cabarrus College provides progressive, exemplary healthcare education.


To be a premier leader of innovative healthcare education.


The College’s commitment to its vision and mission is guided by the following core values:

Caring which is demonstrated in the College by:

  • Always putting the needs of others before our own
  • Providing a personal touch to everything we do
  • Understanding and meeting other’s needs
  • Anticipating future student needs and opportunities

Commitment which is demonstrated in the College by:

  • Going the extra mile
  • Using the best in technology and teaching practices
  • Championing new and better ideas, and a “can do” attitude
  • Maintaining the highest performance standards
  • Striving for educational excellence

Teamwork which is demonstrated in the College by:

  • Fostering collaborative teamwork
  • Doing one’s best so others can do their best
  • Valuing diversity as a team
  • Being there to help out our colleagues

Integrity which is demonstrated in the College by:

  • Holding ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards
  • Taking personal responsibility (being accountable)
  • Complying with legal and accreditation requirements
  • Speaking the truth
  • Exhibiting honest, objective behavior in every interaction
  • Delivering consistently on commitments


Cabarrus College boasts a rich history of passing the torch from one generation of healthcare professionals to the next. Our committed faculty and staff seek to present students with best practices of the profession, stimulating dialogues, evidence-based research, and challenging experiences leading to active student learning and self-discovery. Through this, students experience enlightenment, enrichment, and transformation preparing them to think critically, understand, and creatively solve problems, and engage in a lifetime pursuit of scholarly knowledge and active citizenry.


The College fulfills its mission by striving to:

  • Enhance the student learning environment through the delivery of innovative programs and services.
  • Provide high quality academic and support services that foster student persistence and achievement.
  • Attract, engage, and retain faculty and staff by sustaining an environment of collegiality and professionalism.
  • Sustain a culture of accountability through continuous assessment, evaluation, and improvement.
  • Secure financial viability by capitalizing on opportunities to achieve superior operating performance.
  • Cultivate connections, relationships, and partnerships commensurate with our resources and the community’s needs.