Am I eligible?
You are eligible if:

  • You have completed a comprehensive lactation management course of at least 45 hours within the last 2 years and plan to take the IBLCE certification exam within the next 2 years following pathway 1 or 3 (see IBLCE), or
  • You are already an IBCLC who wishes to expand your skills in a specific clinical area, or
  • You are a licensed healthcare provider who wants to add clinical lactation skills within your current job

Which course should I take?
There are three lactation clinical internship courses. Two are for individuals preparing for IBLCE certification (103 "Full Lactation Clinical Internship" for IBLCE's Pathway 3 candidates; 201 "Partial Clinical Internship" for IBLCE's Pathway 1 candidates). The third clinical course Lactation 302 "Focused Lactation Clinical Internship" is designed for people who are already an IBCLC or other licensed healthcare provider, who want to add clinical lactation skills to their current job skills.

How do I begin the application process?
Complete an application, send along a maximum one-page essay about why you want to participate in this program, and remit the nonrefundable $50 application fee. Acceptance for enrollment is a competitive process and space is limited. During the review of your completed application, you may be contacted to set up an interview with the clinical lactation internship mentor(s) and manager.

When it is determined that you are accepted as a candidate for clinical internship, you will receive a letter of acceptance and will be asked to submit a nonrefundable tuition deposit of $200, which will be applied to your tuition for the desired clinical course. Once accepted for a lactation clinical internship, inactivity greater than 60 days requires reapplication.