Cabarrus College strives to make education affordable for every student who is accepted into a program. That is why over 87% of enrolled students receive some type of financial aid. Aid is often made up of a combination of grants, scholarships, student loans, and work study.

How to Apply for Aid section of our web site walks you through the application process and provides all of the direct links you need to apply.

FAFSA is now available October 1st

Keep in mind that the sooner you start the process of applying for financial aid, the better off you will be because you will have an opportunity to secure the most amount of funds to help pay for your education.

If you have questions regarding the financial aid application process or financial aid eligibility, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Billing & Payments

If you would like to make a payment or inquire about your student account, contact the Business Office. Bills are available through SonisWeb. As a convenience, you can make a payment online through SonisWeb under the "Billing tab".  Payments can be made over the phone, by mail, or in person in the Student Support Center Office 133.

A payment plan is an interest-free option offered by Cabarrus College that breaks down the large lump-sum payments due at the beginning of each semester into easy-to-manage installments either bi-weekly or monthly. A fee of $50.00 per semester will be assessed each semester you establish a payment plan.

Payment plans can be combined with financial aid and student loans to help manage your total cost. Payment plans are established through the Business Office located in the Student Support Center.

CARES Act Funding 
Cabarrus College of Health Sciences has signed and returned to the Department of Education the Certification and Agreement and the assurance that the institution has used, or intends to use, no less than 50 percent of the funds received under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students. This allowed Cabarrus College to received CARES Act Grant funding.

To date Cabarrus College has received $253,120 in CARES Act funding, while required to provide only 50% of these funds directly to the student so far 65% of these funds have been provided directly to students. CARES Act Grant Funds were disbursed to 357 students for a total of $ 165,650 disbursed so far. Additional CARES Act Grants may be made in the future.

An application was sent to all students enrolled in the Spring 2020 semester encouraging them to apply for the CARES funds. Funding levels were based on the results of completed applications. The college Administration also determined that all 357 students who were eligible for funding had incurred some basic expenses related to COVID 19. Because of this, all 357 eligible students received some funding even if an application had not been submitted.

Students received several emails notifying them of the opportunity to apply for the CARES funds. Students also received an email notifying them of the distribution of the CARES Act Grant funding. Basic eligibility for the CARES Act funding was included in this email.

Financial Aid Office
Valerie Richard
Director of Financial Aid

Robin Robinson
Financial Aid Specialist

Jennifer Russell
 Loan Officer

Business Office
Rhonda Hill
Staff Accountant