The Atrium Health Medical Group Division prepares the workforce of the future, leads professional development for providers across the system, and drives the development and spread of evidence based medicine through participation in research initiatives. There are numerous opportunities for providers to participate in Atrium Health system based initiatives in education and research and our system relies on this participation to serve our mission. Please speak with your physician leader about your interest in participating in clinical research trials and/or medical education, and contact the Center for Physician Leadership & Development.

Patient-centered clinical, translational and outcomes research are a priority of our system. There are over 1100 active clinical trials at Atrium Health. The biggest opportunity for you to become more involved with research at Atrium Health is to facilitate enrollment of your patients in relevant clinical trials. Atrium Health research leaders can provide you with more information about research, as well as information about resources available to assist and guide you with clinical trial patient enrollment.

Healthcare learners are trained at over 20 hospitals and 100 ambulatory clinics across our system. Providers can participate in the education of learners in numerous areas of medicine:

  • Atrium Health Graduate Medical Education trains over 300 physician residents and fellows across 37 different medical specialties and an additional 21 accredited programs such as dentistry, oncology, toxicology, transplant, pharmacy, ultrasound, rehabilitation, and several surgical subspecialties.

  • Atrium Health has a long history in medical student education since the 1960s. The Charlotte Campus of the UNC School of Medicine Charlotte Campus was officially established in 2010 and participates in the education of over 50 3rd and 4th year medical students each year.

  • The Center for Advanced Practice has the largest post-graduate fellowship program for nurse practitioners and physician assistants in the nation. There are 19 specialty tracks with an average local retention rate of over 80%. Atrium Health, in collaboration with the UNCC Nursing Practitioner program, graduated its first class in 2015.

There are several opportunities to enhance your skills as an educator and physician leader:

  • The Center for Physician Leadership assists in developing and supporting physician leaders through programs, services and courses to enhance your skills. Examples include sessions on giving feedback, methods of learner evaluation, meeting management, managing conflict, academic promotion, and many others.

  • The Carolinas Simulation Center provides an opportunity for learners to simulate complex clinical conditions, hone procedural skills, deliberate on ethical and spiritual scenarios, and practice communication skills in a safe learning environment using experiential, hands-on education.

  • The Charlotte Area Health Education Center (AHEC) provides classroom workshops and seminars in both education and research including courses on learning quality improvement, patient experience and process improvement in your practice.