Family Health, Nutrition and Fitness, Your Health Ben Brown | 8 years ago

Get Moving! 5 Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Walk

Of all forms of exercise, walking is perhaps the easiest for everyone to try – all you need is a pair of sturdy, comfortable shoes and your favorite street or path. No matter how fast or far you walk, you can be assured that your efforts will pay off.

Technology can put a fun, useful spin on your walking regimen by tracking distance, route and other factors. Here are five smartphone apps that can help you get the most out of your walk:

  • iTreadmill: The Pedometer Ultra w/PocketStep(for iPhone): This app records number of steps, distance, calories burned, time elapsed, speed and pace, among other information. It’s known for an easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Walkmeter (for iPhone): This GPS-enabled app visually tracks your walking progress using maps and graphs, enabling you to view the information or share it on social networks.
  • Noom Walk (for Android): Perfect for walkers aiming to lose weight, this app is a pedometer that counts your steps 24/7 without unduly draining your battery. It also lets you know when you’ve reached daily step count records.
  • MapMyWalk (for iPhone, Blackberry and Android): This app has a route search feature to help find nearby places to walk, filtering routes by type or length. You can even examine elevation graphs while also tracking your speed, pace and calories.
  • Walking Paths (for iPhone and Android): Sponsored by the American Heart Association, this app allows you to create, find and track walking paths anywhere, including paths others have created near you, by using the GPS on your smartphone.
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