Man in snow

Employer Solutions | 7 months ago

It’s time to be ready for cold weather

Just as the seasons change, so too does the checklist for keeping you and your family healthy and safe as the seasons change.

As we get into the winter season, here are some tips to consider for the winter ahead:

Winter Wellness Basics

  • Steer clear of germs.
    • Wash your hands frequently; scrub for at least 20 seconds.
    • Cover coughs and sneezes.
    • Wipe down shared surfaces.
    • Use hand sanitizer, especially after spending time in public places.
  • Check the weather forecast before heading out. This will help you dress appropriately for the conditions and plan your activities accordingly. If the forecast calls for high winds or extreme cold, it’s best to stay indoors.
  • Stay hydrated. Sweat evaporates faster in cold air and your body tricks you into thinking you aren’t thirsty. So be sure to drink plenty of fluids in winter, even though you may not feel like you need to.
  • Layer up. One of the most important outside winter safety tips is to dress in layers. Layering clothing helps to trap heat and keep the body warm. When choosing clothes for a winter activity, opt for items made from wool or synthetic materials, as these will help keep you dryer.
  • Get a flu shot – and ask about other vaccines you might need (for example, COVID-19, RSV, and pneumococcal vaccines). A flu vaccine is recommended for everyone six months of age and older.
  • Consider a humidifier. If your skin and throat are dry and your sinuses are irritated, the air in your home may be too dry. A humidifier will add the moisture you need to the air.

Plan Ahead

In case of a power outage:

  • Store enough water (one gallon per person per day) and non-perishable food for several days (include a manual can opener).
  • Keep a supply of flashlights, battery-powered lanterns, fresh batteries and portable chargers for cell phones.
  • Have a bag of rock salt on hand for icy spots around your home.
  • Make sure you have an ice scraper and extra wiper fluid in your car.
  • Replace smoke detector batteries (once a year).
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home. Test them to make sure they function.