Men's Health, News Ben Brown | 7 years ago

"Code Rupture" Protocol Saves Patients Life

On May 18th, John Pazur arrived at the Emergency Department at Stanly Regional Medical Center with an aortic aneurysm at risk of rupturing --- a situation that, if left untreated could result in sudden death. He received urgent medical attention from various physicians and subsequent treatment from surgeons across numerous departments across the System. And thanks to those coordinated efforts of multiple teammates John is alive today and doing very well. After the team in Stanly’s ED evaluated John, the System’s Physician Connection Line (PCL) activated Code Rupture, an integrated protocol that expedites care for patients who are at high risk of developing life-threatening cardiovascular conditions. MedCenter Air was immediately called and John was flown to Carolinas Medical Center. When he arrived the Code Rupture team was waiting. Carolinas Medical Center is one of only two centers in North Carolina that includes subspecialty trained vascular surgeons, high volume aortic surgeons, access to endovascular repair and a vascular surgery trained fellowship. The advanced skill sets and expertise demonstrated by John’s team in the Hybrid Operating Room --- a combined operating room and cardiac cath lab --- allowed the procedure to run seamlessly. And the procedure was completed in less than one hour! Frank Arko, MD a Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute surgeon performed this delicate, life-saving procedure on John. He said, “Without the coordination of this System, there is not a chance that this patient would be alive and doing as well as he is.” John Pazur will now tell you in a heart beat there’s no doubt in his mind that Carolinas HealthCare System saved his life. [youtube]