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Employer Solutions | 4 years ago

Revolutionizing and Reinventing Healthcare at NCSHRM State Conference

See you at NCSHRM!

By Ellen Isaacs, RN, BSN, CPHM, CHC – Director, Occupational Health Nurse, Employer and Atrium On-Site Clinics

We are so excited to be the platinum sponsor of this year’s North Carolina Society for Human Resource Management (NCSHRM) state conference where the theme is Revolutionize and Reinvent.

Professionals and business leaders from across the Carolinas will join together September 27-29 to discuss the myriad ways the landscape of HR and healthcare are changing and what this means for companies. Jeff Thoms, Assistant Vice President, Business Development, and I will have the pleasure of addressing attendees on how employers and employees can achieve new levels of success through proper healthcare management. Some of the key topics we will cover include:

  • Improving access to care. Reducing more costly visits to the ER and introducing a more personalized approach to care by leveraging technology to provide 24/7/365 access.
  • Reducing unnecessary visits to the hospital by catching and preventing health conditions through lifestyle changes.
  • Improving employee engagement to ensure team members know how to appropriately utilize the wide variety of services available under their company’s plan.
  • Building relationships between practitioners and patients to ensure treatments are understood and applied properly in the long term.
  • How in-person and virtual health coaching programs can provide a personalized approach to help ensure lifestyle changes stick for lifelong impact.
  • Using data and analytics to identify what programs and services are of most use to your employee population and how to track them to ensure that treatments and services are having a positive impact.