Employer Solutions | 4 years ago

Affirming the Value of Virtual Health Coaching: Tiffany's Story

Positec offers virtual health coaching to promote a healthy, active workforce. Read how one of its employees worked with a health coach to achieve her weight loss goals.

By Ellen Isaacs, RN, BSN, CPHM, CHC – Director, Occupational Health Nurse, Employer and Atrium On-Site Clinics

Better employee health leads to a better bottom line. It’s what we believe at Employer Solutions and it has proven true time and again with our clients. But how can an organization empower its employees to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle? One of the latest tools to not only inspire employees to get healthy, but to stay healthy too, is virtual health coaching.

Virtual health coaching allows your employees to access coveted one-on-one guidance from a trained healthcare professional in whatever environment is convenient for them. Using technology that is easily accessible, such as laptops and smartphones, employees can engage with a health coach for goal setting, barrier assessment, behavior change motivation and emotional support.

Let’s take a look at how virtual health coaching changed one woman’s life for the better.

Tiffany’s story

Thirty-year-old Tiffany Sevacko had been struggling to lose weight, so when her company, Positec, offered a $25 gift card for each session of virtual health coaching, she jumped at the chance to have a personal health coach help her achieve her goals. One goal that was particularly important to Tiffany was being able to keep up with her seven-year-old niece.

“I was not a person to go to the doctor regularly, except a minute clinic sometimes. I was not used to talking about my health overall. It was daunting,” says Tiffany.

That’s when Miller Stephanides, the Employer Solutions health coach for Positec, stepped in. Together, Tiffany and Miller developed a plan to make healthier choices and focus on portion control. They also developed a more inclusive fitness routine that combined cardio and strength training for maximum results.

“Miller pushes me forward. I now have a primary care doctor because she motivated me to have that relationship and keep track of my medical record.” Although Tiffany had a tremendous support system in the form of her mother and best friend, she enjoyed the professional perspective and one-on-one support that Miller provided.

Proven results

With support and guidance from Miller and a lot of hard work, Tiffany lost 75 pounds and significantly lowered her risk of health-related issues and conditions.  She was even able to get her cholesterol levels down from 239 to an impressive 163. Her coworkers noticed the changes and have commented on her physical appearance. “You walk away with a smile and it makes you feel good to know ‘I did that!’”

Tiffany really enjoys being able to access health coaching in her office. “I don’t have to make an appointment or leave work. I’m even able to do this during work hours,” she says. “I’ve benefited greatly from this program and appreciate the effort by Positec. It feels good to know they care about us.”

Virtual health coaching is a convenient and effective tool for busy working professionals. The less time an employee spends seeking medical resources outside of the office, the more time they have to focus on their work, which ultimately benefits the employee and employer alike.

Tiffany is still working toward bettering her health, but is enjoying the added benefit of keeping up with her niece. “It’s definite progress.”