Wearable fitness trackers can be a fun and effective way to improve health in the workplace.

| 4 years ago

Improve Workplace Health with Wearable Fitness Trackers

Wearable fitness trackers can be a fun and effective way to improve health in the workplace.
In addition to potential cost savings and access to health data, fitness wearables can be a fun way for employees to increase their physical activity during the workday. Managers can set competitive or cooperative tasks to motivate employees to take a specific action — for example, to move more throughout the day. Users can also participate in the community aspect of the software and compete with colleagues or friends outside of work in categories like daily step counts or weekly tasks.

There are some important factors to consider when evaluating the use of fitness trackers. Make sure to get support from leadership before beginning the initiative. Leadership sign off and support is one of the best ways to ensure program success. Consider the following to help employees benefit from fitness wearables.

First, encourage employees to set and understand their goals.
  • Examples include losing weight, improving sleep habits or increasing workouts and movement
  • The number of available devices provide plenty of options to reach a goal, and in many cases, the top wearables provide multiple options to keep users updates with their progress


Second, remind employees to use trackers to hold themselves accountable.

  • Establish daily goals for steps/calories burned/movement in general
  • Set heart rate goals to keep their workouts efficient
  • Compare results with friends or join an online community for motivation
  • Stay committed and don't take the wearable off, to ensure continuity


Third, encourage employees to put in the work.

  • Remember, the tracker is a motivational tool; it won't do the work for them
  • Don't rely on a tracker's calories count for a true health fitness measurement
  • Don't cheat the wearable's motion-activated sensors to increase step count; focus on real movement, not just number of steps


Finally, have fun with it!

  • Develop mini goals for departments to increase momentum during the day
  • Keep in mind the other aspects of fitness required to live a healthy lifestyle, such as diet, recovery and overall wellness


Remember, these trackers are more of a motivational tool than a fitness sensation. Use them to help your employees reach short- and long-term goals. It's also important to pair trackers with face-to-face health coaching for more lasting results and cost savings.