Levine Children's Hospital teammates share TikTok to keep spirits up during the coronavirus pandemic

Child Health, Coronavirus Updates | 2 years ago

Levine Children’s Care Teams Lift Spirits Through the Power of Dance

With the constant cycle of news centered around coronavirus these days, teammates at Atrium Health Levine Children's wanted to do something to bring smiles to people’s faces. What better way than by creating fun dance videos using TikTok?!

While many of us are working remotely and are doing our best to strictly follow the current stay-at-home mandate ordered by government officials, Atrium Health teammates are needed now more than ever to continue showing up for work to do what they do best: Care for our patients.
Here at Atrium Health Levine Children’s, the passion for making a difference in patient lives has always been the fuel to our healthcare heroes’ fire. Even in the most stressful of days, our teammates are looking for ways to spread joy. In order to do this, teams from multiple departments at Levine Children's decided to spend a few extra minutes at the end of their shifts creating fun dance videos using the popular dance app, TikTok.
Check out some of our favorite TikTok videos below and be sure to tune back in as we add more videos to the list! 🎵✨

(1) Emergency Room at Levine Children's Hospital

(2) Levine Children's Providence Pediatrics

(3) Levine Children's Hospital Nurse Managers and Leaders

(4) Levine Children's Hospital Environmental Services

(5) Levine Children's Hospital: 8th Floor

(6) Levine Children's Hospital: 6th Floor

(7) Levine Children's Hospital: 4th Floor

(8) Levine Children's Hospital: 11th Floor

(9) Levine Children's Hospital: 10th Floor

(10) Levine Children's Hospital: 10th Floor pt. 2

(11) Levine Children's Hospital: NICU Team

(12) Emergency Room at Levine Children's Hospital pt. 2

(13) Levine Children's Charlotte Pediatric Clinic - SouthPark