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Grand Finale

The 18th installment of Atrium Health Has Talent is a global showcase of what makes Atrium Health so special.


The Atrium Health Has Talent grand finale includes highlights of the finalists' performances, a special guest appearance and the announcement of this year’s winners.


Friday, Aug. 26 from 7-9 p.m.



Talent is not a word that’s used lightly within Atrium Health. Whether it's providers, nurses, analysts, specialists or executives, our health system is filled with teammates who bring their gifts and talents to work every day – to build a better future for our patients and our teammates within the enterprise. But our teammates' talents don't stop at their “day job.” Some have hidden gifts they reveal during Atrium Health's annual talent show, Atrium Health Has Talent.

An amputee Haitian immigrant who believes in the power of togetherness, a three-time suicide survivor dedicated to spreading joy and elevating hope and a high school dropout who turned her life around and now is a champion for others to chase their dreams are among the 13 Atrium Health teammates competing in the Atrium Health Has Talent grand finale on Friday, Aug. 26.

The 2022 grand finale marks the 18th annual talent showcase, which is full of family-friendly fun and has some special surprises in store.

Read five of our contestant's inspiring stories:


Meet our 13 extraordinary finalists:

Atrium Health Has Talent Grand Finale

Nkechi “NK” Offor

Atrium Health Has Talent finalist Nkechi “NK” Offor
Atrium Health Has Talent finalist Nkechi “NK” Offor

Name: Nkechi “NK” Offor 

Role: Neuro ICU nurse, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist

Talent: Singing

Nkechi “NK” Offor is driven by a desire to spread joy and she uses her voice to do so both inside and outside the hospital. But her life hasn’t always been filled with happiness – she is a 3-time suicide survivor. 

The first time she sang in the hospital was when one of her patients was spending his birthday in the ICU after suffering a stroke. To elevate his spirit, NK rounded up her team to sing happy birthday to him. It didn’t stop there, though. This special event turned into a tradition and NK became known as the “singing nurse” who celebrated her ICU patients’ birthdays through song.

For NK, radiating joy, love and laughter isn’t just something she enjoys doing, it’s a personal mission. “I’ve been in a dark place for too long and I don’t want to go back there,” she shares. “Anything I can do to give joy, I do it.”

Jean Beaudelaire

Atrium Health Has Talent finalist Jean Beaudelaire
Atrium Health Has Talent finalist Jean Beaudelaire

Name: Jean Beaudelaire

Role: Patient Transporter Specialist, Atrium Health Levine Cancer Institute

Talent: Singing (Original music)

Jean Beaudelaire’s patients often ask him why he’s limping. As an amputee, Jean wears a prosthetic leg, which can make his leg swollen and cause him to limp, but he wants “to live – and to do that, I’ve got to put on my leg and soldier on.”

Born in Haiti, Jean immigrated to the United States in 1986, after a family in Liberty, Kentucky took him in. As a child in Haiti, he couldn’t walk, his mother couldn’t take care of him and his family didn’t have food. Because of his American family, he was able to get the care he needed and was able to pursue opportunities he never could have imagined. 

“If it weren’t for this family that took me in – who couldn’t have kids of their own – I would still be stuck in Haiti struggling,” he shares.

Jean is proud to work at Atrium Health because it reminds him that, even though everyone has their own struggles, everyone needs each other. “Every day I thank God that I’m here, that I can be part of this story that’s evolving.”

Dr. Yasmin Senturias

Atrium Health Has Talent finalist Dr. Yasmin Senturias
Atrium Health Has Talent finalist Dr. Yasmin Senturias

Name: Dr. Yasmin Senturias

Role: Division Chief of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Atrium Health Levine Children’s Hospital

Talent: Singing

Dr. Yasmin Senturias believes love drives excellence on every team.

Deeply committed to her role at Atrium Health, Yasmin feels her job goes beyond giving families a diagnosis. She believes that it is her responsibility to make sure children receive all the benefits available to have the best and brightest future, sharing that “in developmental and behavioral pediatrics, the time spent with a child and a family is a future saved.” 

One of the best parts of the job for her is seeing a child and knowing that, in a few years, they will progress to be better than they were before. “Knowing that family has somebody to support them and hear them out, no matter what – it’s why I love what I do.”  

Tonya Johnson Glover

Atrium Health Has Talent finalist Tonya Johnson Glover
Atrium Health Has Talent finalist Tonya Johnson Glover

Name: Tonya Johnson Glover

Role: Phlebotomist, Atrium Health Floyd

Talent: Singing

Before she was a phlebotomist, Tonya Johnson Glover didn’t even have a high school diploma. Determined to turn her life around and be a better mother, Tonya went back to school and has now been an Atrium Health teammate for nine years.

With a new start, Tonya was able to prove to both herself and her kids that anything is possible and that the possibilities for her children are endless. She emphasized that by leading by example and “not by what they had seen before,” she was able to change her “whole life around to be a better mother.”

Her advice to teammates and patients? “Chase your dreams” – no matter how big or small they may seem – because “we only live once and life is very short.”

Dr. Nina Talukdar

Atrium Health Has Talent finalist Dr. Nina Talukdar
Atrium Health Has Talent finalist Dr. Nina Talukdar

Name: Dr. Nina Talukdar

Role: Internal Medicine Resident Physician, Atrium Health Navicent

Talent: Dance

For Dr. Nina Talukdar, family – both blood-related family and work family – is everything.

Following a passion she has had since she was young brought her to medicine and to Atrium Health. As a resident, Nina says her colleagues’ support has given her “a sense of belonging to a family” – something she treasures dearly.

Growing up in an Indian family, Nina’s mother immersed her and her sister into all aspects of Indian culture – including music. Being surrounded by her culture and its beautiful music inspired her and her sister to start dancing.

Nina is excited to bring her two families together, by showcasing her talent to her “hospital as well as, of course, the entire Atrium family.”

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