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The governing body of Atrium Health is the Board of Commissioners, a group of individuals who have demonstrated an interest in the health and welfare of the general public. Atrium Health also has a Board of Advisors, the members of which are appointed by the Chairman of the Atrium Health Board of Commissioners.

The Board of Commissioners meets once per quarter in the Carolinas Dining Room at Carolinas Medical Center, 1000 Blythe Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203. All meetings begin at 7 am.

The 2018 schedule:

  • March 13
  • June 12
  • September 11
  • December 11

The 2019 schedule:

  • March 26
  • June 18
  • September 17
  • December 10

Executive Committee

Edward J. Brown III, Chair
Malcolm E. Everett III, First Vice Chair
William C. Cannon, Jr., Vice Chair
Vicki S. Sutton, Vice Chair
Gracie P. Coleman, Secretary
Albert L. McAulay, Jr., Chair, Strategic Planning and Compensation Committees
Eugene A. Woods, President and Chief Executive Officer

Board of Commissioners

Donnie R. Baucom
Amy Woods Brinkley
Marshall Carlson
Michael R. Coltrane
Rush S. Dickson III
Nancy J. Gritter, M.D
May Beverly Hemby
Hal A. Levinson
James E. Mattei
Thomas C. Nelson
William T. Niblock
Edward K. Prewitt, Jr.
Michael D. Rucker
Angelique R. Vincent-Hamacher
Donaldson G. Williams
Richard “Stick” Williams
Ronald H. Wrenn

Board of Advisors

Felicia Hall Allen
Charles F. Bowman
Swati V. Daji
Pamela S. Lewis Davies, Ph.D.
G. Bryon Gragg
Mark E. Reed