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             Connected Everywhere
             About Us
                  Community Benefit
                       Community Investments and Sponsorships
                  Connect to Our Code
                  Our Vision
                  COVID-19 Resource Center
                       Coronavirus (en español)
                            Obtenga atención médica ahora
                            Coronavirus Symptoms
                                 What to Do If You Suspect You Have Coronavirus
                       Antibody Testing
                       COVID-19 Community Research Partnership
                            Asociación de Investigación Comunitaria sobre el COVID-19
                       COVID-19 Vaccine
                            Mass Vaccination Event at Bank of America Stadium
                                 Evento de Vacunación Colectiva en el Bank of America Stadium
                            Vacuna contra el COVID-19
                            Walk-In COVID-19 Vaccine Events
                            After Your COVID-19 Vaccine
                            COVID-19 Community Vaccine Ambassador Program
                       STRIVE COVID-19 Vaccine Research Registry
                       Post COVID Recovery Care
                       COVID-Safe Care
                       COVID-19 Testing at Atrium Health
                       Monoclonal Antibody Treatment
                       Paxlovid for COVID-19
                       Is it coronavirus (COVID-19) - Atrium Health
                            ¿Es el coronavirus (COVID-19), la gripe, un resfriado o alergias estacionales?
                       Coronavirus Symptoms
                            What to Do If You Suspect You Have Coronavirus
                       How You Can Help During Coronavirus
                            Give Back
                            Say Thanks
                            Share Positivity
                  Financial Information
                  Diversity & Inclusion
                       Lifting Voices FOR ALL
                       Patients Come First
                       The FOR ALL Conference: Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
                       Teammates are the Key
                       Every Community Matters
                  Emergency Management
                  Environmental Sustainability
                  Governing Boards
                  Hospital Administrators
                  Mission and Vision
                       Social Media Guidelines
                       Behavioral Health
                       Levine Cancer Institute
                       Levine Children's
                       Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute
                            Atrium Health Revises Visitation Policy Due to Flu
                            Atrium Health Welcomes Vicki Block as Central Division President
                            Atrium Health Levine Children’s and Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Brenner Children’s Unite Pediatric Heart Programs
                            Sanger Heart Vascular Institute is First in CLT to Treat Heart Failure Patients Using CCM Therapy
                  Patient Safety
                  Patient Satisfaction
                  Physician Certifications
                  Reducing Patient Harm Through LEAPT
                       Severe sepsis and septic shock treatment
                  Value Report
                  Atrium Health + Navicent Health
                  Strategy and Transformation Office
             Atrium Health Connect for Employees
             Contact Us
             Medical Education
                  Graduate Medical Education
                       Residency Programs
                            Emergency Medicine
                                 Message from the Program Director
                                 Residency Applicants
                                 Medical Student Rotation
                                 Emergency Medicine
                                 Resident Education
                                      Contact Us
                                      Elective Opportunities
                                 Chairmans Corner
                                      Class of 2018
                                      Class of 2019
                                      Class of 2020
                                      Class of 2021
                                      Class of 2022
                                      Class of 2023
                                      Class of 2024
                                      Class of 2025
                                 Salary and Benefits
                                 Honors and Awards
                                 Peer Reviewers
                            General Practice Dentistry and Oral Medicine
                                 Faculty and Visiting Professors
                                      Entire Faculty
                                 House Staff Benefits
                                 General Practice Residency GPR
                                      Chief Residency Year
                                      Didactic Program
                                      Program Overview Goals and Objectives
                                      General Practice Training Clinical Rotations
                                 Oral Medicine Residency OMR
                                      Clinical Curriculum
                                      Didactic Program
                                      Research Program
                                 General Practice Dentistry and Oral Medicine Overview
                            Internal Medicine
                                 Welcome from our Leadership Team
                                 Internal Medicine
                                 Program Overview
                                      Yearly Schedule
                                      Daily Structure
                                      Call Schedule
                                      ICUs and ED
                                      Consults and Electives
                                 Outpatient Clinics
                                      Class of 2021
                                      Class of 2022
                                      Class of 2023
                                      Class of 2024
                                      Class of 2025
                                 Resident Scholarship
                                 Fellowships and Private Practice
                                 International Medicine
                                 Community Service
                                 Quality Improvement
                                 Resident Testimonials
                                 Salary and Benefits
                                 Application Information
                                 Medical Student Information
                                 About Charlotte
                                 Contact Us
                            Neurological Surgery
                                 Resident Rotation Schedule
                                 Clinical Experience
                                 Conference and Teaching Schedule
                                 Program Faculty
                                 How to Apply
                                 Neurological Surgery
                                 About Charlotte
                                 Contact Us
                            Obstetrics and Gynecology
                                 PGY 1 Year
                                 PGY 2 Year
                                 PGY 3 Year
                                 PGY 4 Year
                                           Class of 2020
                                           Class of 2021
                                      Class of 2023
                                      Class of 2024
                                 Fellowships and Private Practice
                                 Top Reasons to Choose CMC
                                 Salary and Benefits
                                 Application Process
                                 Curriculum and Divisions
                                 About Charlotte
                                 Obstetrics and Gynecology
                                 Contact Us
                            Orthopaedic Surgery
                                 Clinical Faculty
                                 Advanced Practice Providers
                                 Research Faculty
                                 Current Residents
                                 Clinical Rotation Structure
                                 Resident Education
                                 Resident Research Overview
                                 Orthopedic Surgery Facilities
                                 Resident Salary and Benefits
                                 Orthopedic Care Team
                                 Chairman's Corner
                                 Residency Alumni
                                 Recent Department Publications
                                 Residency Application Information
                                 Rotating Medical Student Application Information
                                 Activities Outside the Hospital
                                 About Charlotte
                                 Contact Us
                                 Message from the Chair
                                 Message from the Dedrick Moulton (DEI)
                                 Services and Facilities
                                 Our Residents
                                      Chief Residents
                                 Pediatric Residency Curriculum
                                 Center for Advancing Pediatric Excellence
                                 Resident Life
                                 About Charlotte
                                 Salary and Benefits
                                 Application Process
                                 Contact Us
                            Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
                                 Residency Overview
                                 Salary and Benefits
                                 Chairmans Corner
                                 Message from Program Director
                                 Resident Chiefs and Alumni Faculty Comments
                                 Clinical Rotations
                                 Medical Student Clerkship
                                 Current and Past Residents
                                      Visiting Professors
                                 Research Program
                                 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
                                 Application Requirements
                                 Salary and Benefits
                                 About Charlotte
                                 Program Director's Message
                                 Application Requirements
                                 Surgery Curriculum
                                 Training Facilities
                                 About Charlotte
                                 CMC Surgery Wellness
                                 Contact Us
                                 Application Requirements
                                 Training Sites
                                 Urology Training Curriculum
                                 Medical Student Rotations
                                 Salary and Benefits
                                 Current Residents
                                 About Charlotte
                       Atrium Health Cabarrus Programs
                       Carolinas Medical Center Programs
                       Fellowship Program
                            Fellowship Programs
                            Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship
                            Hematology & Oncology Fellowship Program
                            Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship
                            Carolinas Medical Center Sports Medicine Fellowship
                                 Application Process
                                 Faculty and Staff
                                 Frequently Asked Questions
                                 Locations and Hours
                                 Fellowship Overview
                                 Sports Medicine Rotations
                            Supportive Oncology
                            Cabarrus Family Medicine Sports Medicine Fellowship
                                 Application Information
                                 Clinical Experience
                                 Sports Medicine Fellows
                                 GME Institutional Policies
                                 Resource Links
                            Emergency Medicine
                                 Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
                                 Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship
                                      Publications and Abstract Presentations
                                 Operational & Disaster Medicine
                                      Disaster Operations
                                 Pediatric Emergency Medicine
                                      Carolinas Center for Injury Prevention
                                      Contact PEM Fellowship
                                      PEM Fellowship How to Apply
                                           PEM Directions
                                           PEM Travel Accommodations
                                      Fellowship Overview
                                 Medical Toxicology
                                      Toxicology Faculty
                                      Meet Our Fellows
                                      Application Procedure
                                      Where You Will Train
                            Family Medicine
                                 Geriatric Medicine
                                      Geriatric Medicine
                                      About Atrium Health
                                      Training Sites
                            Internal Medicine
                                 Hematology & Medical Oncology
                                 Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency Program
                                           4th Year Advanced Endoscopy Fellowship
                                 Transplant Hepatology / Hepatology Research
                            Obstetrics & Gynecology
                                 Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship
                                 Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery
                                      Application Requirements
                                      Contact Us
                                      Letter from the Program Director
                            Orthopaedic Trauma
                            Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
                                 Brain Injury
                                 Cancer Rehabilitation
                                      Cancer Rehabilitation
                                 Surgical Critical Care
                                      Surgical Critical Care
                                 Breast Surgical Oncology
                                      Breast Surgical Oncology
                            Bariatric Surgery
                            Vascular Surgery
                                 Residency Applicants
                                 Educational Goals and Objectives
                                 About Charlotte
                                 Contact Us
                                 Vascular Surgery
                       Salary and Benefits
                       GME Directory
                       GME Policies
                       Verification of Training
                       Visiting Residents
                       Pharmacy Programs
                            Carolinas Medical Center Pharmacy Residencies
                                 CMC PGY1 Program
                                      Application Process
                                      Pharmacy Department
                                      Program Alumni
                                      PGY1 Program Specifics
                                 CMC PGY2 Oncology Program
                                      Application Process
                                      Program Specifics
                                 CMC PGY2 Infectious Diseases Program
                                      Application Process
                                      Program Alumni
                                      Program Specifics
                                      Scholarly Activity
                            Atrium Health Cabarrus PGY1 Program
                                 Application Process
                                 Pharmacy Department
                            Atrium Health Cabarrus PGY1 Program in the Ambulatory Care Setting
                                 Application Process
                                 Program Alumni
                                 Program Site Descriptions
                            Atrium Health Ambulatory Care PGY2 Pharmacy Residency Program
                                 Application Process
                                 Program Alumni
                                 Program Site Descriptions
                       Alumni Information Update Form
                       School of Nurse Anesthesia
                            Admission Requirements
                            Program Information
                            Application Information
                            Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
                       Medical Student Summer Scholars Program
                  Wake Forest University School of Medicine Charlotte
                  Center for Advanced Practice
                       APP Fellowship
                            CAP Fellowship Application
                            Contact Us
                            Meet Our Faculty
                            Alumni Network
                            Behavioral Health
                            Cardiothoracic Surgery
                            Emergency Medicine
                            Family Medicine
                            Geriatric Medicine
                            Pediatric Hospitalist
                            Medical Critical Care
                            Surgical Critical Care
                            Surgical Specialties
                            Urgent Care
                       Occupational Therapy Fellowship
                       Physical Therapy Residencies
                            Neurologic Physical Therapy Clinical Residency
                            Orthopaedic Clinical Physical Therapy Residency
                       Advanced Practice Provider Student Placement
                            APP Student Placement Application
                       Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program
                       About Us
                  Carolinas Simulation Center
                       Our Vision and Mission
                       Carolinas Simulation Center Highlights
                       Meet Our Team
                       Simulation Equipment
                            Adult IV Arm
                            Arthrocentesis Model
                            Instrumental Delivery Birth Simulator
                            Obstetrical Exam Simulator
                            Airway Management Trainers
                            Lumbar Puncture and Spinal Epidural
                            Lumbar Puncture Baby
                            Lumbar Puncture Trainer
                            Midscapular Thoracentesis Ultrasound Training Model
                            Newborn Hal
                            NOELLE Maternity Simulator
                            Pediatric IV Arm
                            Pediatric Lumbar Puncture Trainers
                            Portable Laparoscopic Box Trainers
                            Premie HAL
                            Birthing Simulators
                            Regional Anesthesia Ultrasound Central Line Model
                            SimBaby and SimNewB
                            SimMan Essential & SimMan 3G
                            SonoSite M Turbo
                            Storz Video Laryngoscope
                            ThoracentesisParacentisis Trainer
                            Ultrasound Simulator
                            Victoria Maternity Simulator
                            ZOE Pelvic Examination Trainer
                            Arterial Arm Stick Kit
                            Arterial Puncture Trainer
                            Branched 4 Vessel Ultrasound Training Block Model
                            Catheterization Trainers
                            Central Line and Femoral Line Trainers
                            Endoscopy Simulator
                            EZ IO
                            HPS Adult
                            iLook Ultrasound
                            Laparascopic Box Trainers
                            Laparoscopic Surgery Trainer
                            Super Tory Newborn Simulator
                       Facilitator Development
                            Meet Our Educators
                                 MentorSim Interest Form
                       Orientation Resources
                            Release and Non-Disclosure Agreement
                       Simulated Participants
                            Simulated Participants Form
                       Carolinas Surgical Skills Center
                            Carolinas Surgical Skills Center
                            Conference Capabilities
                            Contact Us
                            Key Features
                            Program Request Form
                            Previous Research Initiatives
                  Center for Faculty Excellence
                       Request for On-Demand Offerings
                       Awards and Grants Opportunities
                  Center for Prehospital Medicine
                       Disaster and Emergency Preparedness
                       Faculty and Staff
                            Meet Our Faculty
                       Paramedic Program
                  Mercy School of Nursing
                            Alumni Newsletters and Videos
                            Our History
                       Frequently Asked Questions
                  Pastoral Education
                       Clergy and Community Relations
                       Clinical Pastoral Education Program
                            Application for Programs
                            Component Sites
                            Staff Profiles
                       Integrative Chaplain Certificate Course
                            Integrative Chaplain Certificate Course Application
             Find A Doctor
                  Learn About Our Patient Satisfaction Survey
             For Patients and Visitors
                  Accountable Care Organization
                  Advance Directive
                       Advance Directive - Step 2
                       Advance Directive - Step 1
                       Advance Directive Workshop Schedule
                       Advance Directive - Step 3
                  Classes and Events
                       Webinar Overview of Virtual Behavioral Health Services Registration Form
                  Explain My Bill
                  Financial Assistance
                       Pricing Information
                  Heartbeat in a Bottle
                  Medical Ethics
                  Medical Records
                       Medical Records Privacy Rights
                       Right to Request Accounting of Disclosures
                       Right to Request Amendment to Health Information
                       Right to Request Confidential Communications
                       Right to Request Restriction of Health Information
                       Right to Review Health Information
                       Medical Records FAQs
                       Medical Records Walk-In Locations
                  Atrium Health Mobile Apps
                       Connected Everywhere: Connecting MyAtriumHealth to Your Health Apps
                       Microsoft Teams Tips
                  Notice of Non-Discrimination and Accessibility
                  Online Privacy Policy
                  Patient Rights
                  We’re all in this together
                  Notice of Privacy Practices
                       Privacy Policy - Spanish
                  Registration Forms
                  Patient Services
                  Career Resources for Students and Parents
                  Transplant Programs Online Education
                  Hospital Visiting Hours
                  Visitor Restrictions
                       Restricciones Para los Visitantes
             For Providers
                  Abdelrahman A. Nimeri
                  andrew herman
                  anthony asher
                  bradley davis
                  brent matthews
                  brian scannell
                  Vincent Casingal
                  Claude “T.” Moorman
                  Daniel Bonthius
                  david fisher
                  david iannitti
                  Declan Walsh
                  derek raghavan
                  Dionisios Vrochides
                  Donna Graves
                  edward copelan
                  geoffrey rose
                  David Jacobs
                  javier oesterheld
                  Jefferey S. Kneisl, MD
                  Joseph R. Hsu, MD
                  Joshua Patt, MD
                  Kent W. Kercher
                  Levine Childrens Hospital
                  Addison May
                  Zvonimir Luka Milas
                  paul kirshbom
                  Rachel Seymour, PhD
                  Refer a Patient
                  Carolinas Rehabilitation
                  Richard White
                  Robert Mitchell
                  J. Michael Robinson, MD
                  Jonathan C. Salo, MD
                  Sanger Heart Vascular
                  Levine Cancer Institute
                  scott wait
                  Stacy Nicholson
                  susan massengill
                  todd heniford
                  victor pineiro
             Location Closings and Updated Hours of Operation
                  Emergency Departments
                  Occupational Medicine Locations
                  Urgent Care
                  Atrium Health Women's Care Urogynecology and Pelvic Surgery
                  Atrium Health Primary Care Ardsley Internal Medicine
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Primary Care Cabarrus Family Medicine
                       Meet the Team
                            China Grove
                            Mt. Pleasant
                            Poplar Tent
                            Prosperity Crossing
                            Sports Medicine & Injury Center
                       Our Services
                  Carolina Endoscopy Centers
                  Atrium Health Endoscopy Center
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Musculoskeletal Institute Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Primary Care Charlotte Medical Clinic
                       Meet the Team
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Women's Care Charlotte OB/GYN
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health General Surgery
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Women's Care Maternal Fetal Medicine
                  Atrium Health Women's Care Copperfield OB/GYN
                       Meet the Team
                  Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics of the Carolinas
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Primary Care Dove Internal Medicine
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Women's Care Eastover OB/GYN
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Women's Care Eastover University OB/GYN
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Women's Care McAlister OB/GYN
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Urology
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Primary Care Mecklenburg Medical Group
                       Meet the Team
                            Carolina Lakes
                            Steele Creek
                  Atrium Health Neurology
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Dermatology
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Endocrinology
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Women's Care Northeast OB/GYN
                       Meet the Team
                  Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialists
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Women's Care Piedmont OB/GYN
                       Meet the Team
                  Piedmont Orthopedic Specialists
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Senior Care
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Primary Care Shelby Family Medicine
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Women's Care Shelby OB/GYN
                       Meet the Team
                  Atrium Health Women's Care Union OB/GYN
                       Meet the Team
             Medical Services & Specialties
                  Emergency Medical Services
                       Sexual Assault Treatment at Atrium Health
                  Video Visits
                  All Medical Services
                  Get Care Now
                  Atrium Health One Health
                       One Health Locations
                       One Health Providers
                  Perspective Health and Wellness
                       Executive Health
                            Executive Concierge Program
                            Executive Physical
                       Request a Tour Form
                       Meet the Team
                  Prevention and Wellness
                       Primary Care
                            Internal and Family Practices in Charlotte, NC & SC
                       Antibiotics: Know When You Need Them
                       Opioid Crisis
                            Behavioral Health
                            Cancer Care
                            Neonatal Care
                            Quality and Safety
                            Sickle Cell
                            Whats Next
                       Opioid Safety | Atrium Health
                       Behavioral Health
                            Inpatient Behavioral Health for Adults
                            Brain Stimulation
                                 About Electroconvulsive Therapy
                                 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
                                 Meet the Team
                            Inpatient Behavioral Health for Children and Teens
                            Behavioral Health Locations
                            Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Course
                                 Group Registration
                                 Individual Registration
                            Behavioral Health Resources
                            Addiction Services
                            Employee Assistance Program
                                 EAP for employees
                       Employer Solutions
                            Behavioral Health
                                 Healthy Mind
                                 Mental Health First Aid Training
                            Certified Trainings
                            Covid-Safe Guidance
                                 COVID-Safe Guidance for Employers
                                 COVID-Safe Guidance for Schools
                            Employee Health Centers
                            Executive Health Program
                            Lifestyle Coaching and Chronic Condition Management
                                 Chronic Condition Management
                                 Lifestyle Coaching Program
                            Occupational Medicine
                            Wellness Programs
                            K-12 School Resources
                       Other Prevention and Wellness Services
                            Atrium Health Specialty Pharmacy Service
                                 Specialty Pharmacy Drug List
                                 Contact Us
                            Atrium Health Pharmacy
                            Atrium Health Sleep Medicine
                                 Sleep Apnea Quiz
                                 Sleep Lab Special Instructions
                            Nontuberculous mycobacteria NTM
                       Weight Management
                            Adolescent Weight Management
                            BMI Calculator
                            Non-Surgical Weight Loss
                            Surgical Weight Loss
                                 Meet the Team
                       Women's Care
                            Infertility and Reproductive Care
                                 Meet the Team
                            Maternal Fetal Medicine
                            Sexual Health
                            Urogynecology and Pelvic Surgery
                                 Fecal Incontinence
                                 Minimally Invasive Surgery
                                      Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery
                                      Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery
                                      Single Incision Laparascopy and Laparo Endoscopic Single Site
                                 Ovarian Cysts
                                 Pelvic Organ Prolapse
                                 Urinary Incontinence
                                 Urinary or Fecal Fistula
                                 Uterine Fibroids
                            Women's Care Locations
                            Maternity Services
                                 online class registration
                            pregnancy guide
                       Schedule Your Mammogram
                  Specialty Care
                       Cancer Care
                            Cancer Care Locations
                            About Levine Cancer Institute
                            Bladder Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            Brain Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            Breast Cancer Care at Levine Cancer Institute
                                 Meet the Team
                                 Young Women’s Breast Cancer Program
                            Cancer Genetics Counseling
                            Cancer Outreach Programs
                            Cancer Support Programs
                                 Meet the Team
                                 REhope Fertility Treatment
                            Colorectal Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            Endocrine and Thyroid Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            Esophageal Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            For Physicians
                            Gastrointestinal Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            Gynecologic Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            Head and Neck Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            Blood Cancer Care
                                 Meet the Team
                                 transplant cell therapy
                                      Meet The Team
                            Hemophilia Treatment Center
                            Kidney Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            Leukemia Care
                                 Meet the Team
                            Liver Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            Lung Cancer
                                 Meet the Lung Cancer Team
                            Lymphoma Care
                            Meet the Team
                            Melanoma Skin Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            Multiple Myeloma Care
                                 Meet the Team
                            Pancreatic Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            Prostate Cancer
                                 Meet the Team
                            Radiation Therapy
                                 Radiation Therapy Centers
                                 Meet the Team
                            Meet the Team
                            Sickle Cell Disease
                            Testicular Cancer Care
                                 Meet the Team
                       Pain Management
                            Back and Neck Pain
                            Musculoskeletal and Joint Pain
                       Heart Care
                            Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program
                            Aneurysm and Aortic Disease Care
                            Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Care
                                 Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Care Locations
                                 Transplant Evaluation and Waiting Process
                            Sports Cardiology
                            Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
                            Heart Attack Care
                            Heart Health and Wellness
                            Heart of a Champion
                                 Heart of a Champion Day Registration
                            Heart Rhythm Care
                                 Meet the Team
                            Heart Transplant Referrals
                            Heart Valve Disease
                                 Meet the Team
                                 Valve and Structural Heart Disease Meet the Team
                            Heart Valve Disease
                            Meet the Team
                            Heart Support Groups
                            Vascular Medicine and Surgery
                                 Meet the Team
                            Brain Tumor
                                 Meet the Team
                            Meet the Team
                            Headache and Migraine
                            Neurosciences Institute Locations
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                            Carolinas Stroke Network
                       Musculoskeletal Institute
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                            Orthopedic Oncology
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                                 Autoimmune Hepatitis
                                 Hepatitis B
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                                 Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
                                 Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and Primary Biliary Cholangitis
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                            Domestic Violence Services
                            Global Healthcare Services
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                                 Hospice & Palliative Care of Cabarrus County
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                                      Tucker Inpatient Unit
                                 Atrium Health Hospice Speakers Bureau
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                                 Wings to Soar Camp
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                                 Laboratory Locations
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                                 MedCenter Air Service Lines
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                                      Helicopter Landing Zone Guidelines
                                      EMS Night Out
                                      Landing Zone Operations
                                      Observer Program
                                           Observer Program Application
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                                 Request Ground Ambulance Event Coverage
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                            Poison Center
                            Pulmonary Care
                                 Pulmonary Rehabilitation
                                 Lung Cancer Screening Program
                                 Lung Nodule Program
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                            Tobacco Free
                            Renal Services
                            Second Opinion
                            Skilled Nursing Facilities
                            Trauma Care
                                 Atrium Health MED-1 Mobile Hospital Unit
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                                 Carolinas MED 1 Mobile Hospital Unit
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                                 Meet the Team
                                 Urology Physician and Faculty Directory
                            Critical Care
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                            Wound Care
                            Atrium Health Rehabilitation Awards Accreditations and Accolades
                            Adaptive Sports and Support Groups
                            Amputee Rehabilitation
                            Audiologic Rehabilitation
                            Better Balance Program
                            Brain Injury
                                 Robot Assisted Gait Training
                            Concussion Care
                            Continence Center
                            Hand Therapy
                            Industrial Rehabilitation & Workers’ Compensation
                            Inpatient Locations
                            Lymphedema Rehabilitation
                            Medical Rehabilitation
                            Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
                            Neurodegenerative Disorders Rehabilitation
                            Occupational Therapy
                            Outpatient Locations
                            Pelvic Therapy
                            Physical Therapy
                            Return to Performance Pathway Program
                            Speech Therapy
                            Sports Rehabilitation
                            Vestibular Rehabilitation
                            Volunteering and Shadowing
                            Wheelchair Seating Clinic
                            Spinal Cord Injury
                                 Meet the Inpatient Stroke Care Physicians
                            Orthopedic Rehabilitation
                            Cancer Rehabilitation
                            Rehabilitation Services
                            Speech Therapy Memory Activities
                            Meet the Team
                            Colon and Rectal Surgery
                                 Meet the Team
                            Carolinas Center for Surgical Outcomes Science
                            Research Experience for Accelerating Careers in Healthcare
                            Hernia Treatment
                                 Hernia Education and Research
                                 Meet the Team
                                 Understanding a Hernia
                            Liver, Pancreas and Biliary Surgery
                                 Meet the Team
                                 Liver and Pancreas Treatment
                            Minimally Invasive Surgery
                            Robotic Surgery
                            HPB Training
                            Kidney and Kidney-Pancreas Transplant
                                 Prospective Living Kidney Donor FAQs
                                 Meet the Team
                            Liver Transplant
                                 Liver Transplant Referrals
                            Specialty Programs
                  Orthopedic Research
                  Emergency Medicine Research
                  Family Medicine Research
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                            About Us
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                  OB/GYN Research
                       OB/GYN Research Laboratory
                  Oral Medicine Research
                  Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Research
                       Research Careers
                       Institutional Review Board
                  Surgery Research
                       Acute Care Surgery Research
                       Hepatopancreaticobiliary Surgery Research
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                  Boyd Parks 1265456792
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                  Kelsey Cruse 1720671118
                  Keely Gerrald 1962858399
                  Bashia Sklut 1386273605
                  Baharak Moshiree 1609979715
                  Kelash Kumar 1043516503
                  Kelecia Brown 1538315833
                  Barry Hanger 1770683773
                  Basim Ayoub 1710180195
                  Barbara Barone 1275512469
                  Kelly Horne 1154730554
                  Kelli White 1538551338
                  Byron Branch 1801039052
                  Kenneth Dennis 1760981666
                  Kenneth Ochs 1306318100
                  Kelsey Trull 1508279043
                  Kelli Lanier 1306481643
                  Kelly Murphy 1649757360
                  Kelsey Newberry 1871018275
                  Keturah Bell 1134213283
                  Keyona Oni 1538429659
                  Kendall Schuyler 1972803732
                  Kelley Sharpe 1952722969
                  Kevin Williams 1053312082
                  Kendra Ham 1285955435
                  Kevin Laltoo 1164953550
                  Kevin Phelps 1205126034
                  Kevin McCammack 1275853566
                  Keenya Little 1912988080
                  Kevin Hixson 1932650892
                  Kerrie Cuffe 1255732608
                  Kevin West 1669012761
                  Donald Woodburn 1801822655
                  Dominic Agresta 1093962045
                  Donna Marinelli 1679505192
                  Donald Chapman 1003934951
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                  Donna Graves 1578766192
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                  Douglas Meardon 1669818662
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                  Betsy Thompson 1669803821
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                  Beril Cakir 1366473035
                  Benjamin Kunesh
                  Deval Shah 1407257546
                  Deepak Vadehra 125527392
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                  Devon Atwood 1821572215
                  Deanna Bencic 1174919195
                  Beth Tarkington 1336126770
                  Benjamin Simmons III 1548497381
                  Deba Sarma 1053565804
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                  Derek Eichler 1245433820
                  Poonam Gupta 1922464601
                  Poonam Sood 1578706859
                  Paul Delaney 1659388189
                  Paul Gust 1154719722
                  Dina Soliman 1164782678
                  Diana Kemmerer 1255732699
                  Divya Kondamareddy 1902176738
                  Dinesh Sangroula 1497120307
                  Diane Merrill 1487767406
                  Paul Schmeltzer 1861671554
                  Paula Lastoria 1013164979
                  Patricia Dias 1649682758
                  Paula Gomez Ospina 1982291175
                  Diana DeViney 1942422571
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                  Diamond Russos 1811467137
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                  Pamela Troutman 1447692942
                  Patricia Celley 1750849352
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                  Page Steadman 1659512358
                  Diedra Huffman 1972814754
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                  Patrick Chiu 1679764047
                  Patrick Anonick 1700882958
                  Patrick Cottle 1689724593
                  Paul Scheidner