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HPS Adult

The Human Patient Simulator, manufactured by CAE Healthcare, is a life-size intubatable manikin linked to a computer. This integration of electro-mechanics into the manikin makes the users' experience very realistic.

Computerized mathematical models of human physiology and a feedback-based pharmacokinetics system assist the manikin in responding in real time to all user's interventions. The human patient simulator can be connected to a full suite of anesthesia machines and appropriate scenarios can be programmed. In addition, separate event, drug and physiologic logs are auto-recorded during usage and can be viewed offline.

Among the equipment's features are:

  • Reactive eyes with dilating pupils
  • Anesthesia Gas recognition with computer-controlled physiologic repsonse
  • IV Drug recognition with computer-controlled physiologic repsonse
  • Intubatable airway
  • Voice through airway speaker
  • Independent chest excursion
  • Simulated pneumothorax and chest tube placement
  • CPR Chest compression can be administered
  • ECG, Defibrillation, Pacing
  • Intraosseus infusion
  • Bilateral pulses at Carotid, Brachial, Radial, Femoral and Pedal Locations
  • Choice of heart and breath sounds
  • Lacrimation, Salivation and Urine production
  • Operator configurable video display of X-Rays, Lab Results, Ultrasound or CT Scans