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Patients who wish to discuss options for financial assistance or payment for Carolinas Medical Center, Atrium Health Behavioral Health - Charlotte, Atrium Health-Mercy, Atrium Health Anson, Carolinas HealthCare System Cleveland, Atrium Health Kings Mountain, Carolinas HealthCare System Lincoln, Atrium Health Pineville, Atrium Health StanlyCarolinas HealthCare System University, Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast, Atrium Health Union, Levine Children's Hospital, Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital and Carolinas Rehabilitation may do so by calling our Customer Service Department at 704-512-7000.

Atrium Health  strives to provide financial assistance based on a patient’s ability to pay while modeling at all times the Atrium Health core value of “Caring”. The Atrium Health financial assistance programs are designed to ensure assistance is provided to patients demonstrating a financial need and to ensure Atrium Health complies with any required Federal or State regulations related to financial assistance. Those eligible for financial assistance will never be billed more than the amounts generally billed (AGB) to an insured patient. For more information on the calculation for AGB, contact Patient Customer Service.

There are two financial assistance programs available at Atrium Health:

Coverage Assistance & Financial Assistance (CAFA)

The CAFA program is for North Carolina and South Carolina residents who are uninsured patients and have received hospital inpatient services or observation services. It also includes hospital outpatient services that result in a balance greater than or equal to $10,000. Uninsured patients with these types of services will be reviewed for CAFA by the Atrium Health Financial Counseling Department. A financial counselor will interview the patient and determine if they are eligible for other coverage opportunities. If a patient fully cooperates with this process and no coverage is available, their account will be evaluated for financial assistance based on their income as compared to federal poverty guidelines (FPG). Patients with income less than or equal to 200% of FPG will receive a 100% discount. Patients between 201% and 400% of the FPG will qualify for partial discounts. Interest free payment options are available to assist patients in paying their remaining balance.

Patients found eligible for the CAFA program for medically necessary inpatient or observation services are eligible for a 100% discount provided by the Atrium Health Medical Group.

Financial Assistance Scoring (FAS)

The Financial Assistance Scoring program is for North Carolina and South Carolina residents who are uninsured patients and have received hospital outpatient services that resulted in a balance less than $10,000. Each account will be automatically reviewed for a financial assistance discount prior to billing. Eligibility is based on a financial assistance score from a third party vendor that indicates the likelihood a patient lives in poverty. Patients with qualifying accounts will be extended a 100% adjustment and will not receive a bill. Patients with a qualifying score are not required to take any action. Patients found ineligible will receive a letter indicating the account was found not eligible. Patients with outpatient services who are not eligible may choose to apply for a full review. Uninsured patient’s receiving Emergency Department services will be responsible for a $75.00 copay.

Patients can apply by downloading an application at the link below and mailing it to the Atrium Health Financial Counseling Department. Contact Patient Customer Service to receive an application by mail or obtain an application in person in the hospital facility’s admitting office.

Applications should be mailed to:

Atrium Health System Business Office
Attention: Financial Counseling Department
PO Box 32861, Charlotte, NC 28232

In addition to the financial assistance programs, two discount programs are available:

Uninsured Discount

Uninsured patients will receive a 50% discount off gross charges on all medically necessary hospital services and a 30% uninsured discount off gross charges on eligible medically necessary Atrium Health Medical Group services. A $50.00 uninsured co-pay will be requested at the time of service for all outpatient Atrium Health Medical Group services. The uninsured discount is applied automatically and no action is needed by the patient to receive this discount. This program is available to all uninsured patients.

Hardship Settlement Discount

This program is designed to assist North Carolina and South Carolina residents who have had a catastrophic medical event regardless of their insurance coverage that has resulted in very large hospital bills in comparison to their financial resources. Patients who have incurred a balance after all insurance or third party payments that is greater than $2,500 and is 10% of their total household financial resources may be eligible for a Hardship Settlement discount. Patients seeking a hardship settlement should inquire about this program by calling the customer service department after receiving their first statement.

Atrium Health provides a variety of payment options, including Online Bill Pay and long-term payment plans.

For System hospitals not listed above, please go to the specific hospital’s website for their financial assistance and discount policies and processes. All hospitals provide automatic discounts to uninsured patients and have financial assistance policies for current medical services based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Detailed policies are available upon request.

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Chargemaster Prices

Atrium Health is committed to empowering patients, in partnership with their care team, to make informed decisions about their healthcare. This includes helping patients understand the cost of their care, as well as financial assistance that may be available.

In compliance with federal and state law, Atrium Health will provide standard chargemaster prices to anyone who requests it. However, the list price of a hospital service is irrelevant, and not the actual amount a patient will pay. The amount a patient pays is based on many factors, including health insurance and other applicable discounts, and the unique needs of the patient.

To help patients plan for their medical care, we provide estimates for many common hospital services. Call 704-355-0900 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to speak with one of our patient financial services representatives.

Annually, Atrium Health formally reviews our hospital prices to ensure they accurately reflect the high quality care we seek to provide. In some cases, our prices are different from other providers when we offer a higher level of care and unique clinical expertise. Overall, Atrium Health works with patients, providers and partners to lower the cost of care through wellness, disease management and quality care.

Request Standard Chargemaster Prices

To request a full listing of our standard chargemaster prices, you can:

Email us:

Send a letter to:
Atrium Health
Attn: Customer Service Department
P.O. Box 32861
Charlotte, NC 28232-2861

When making a request, please indicate one of these facilities:

  • Carolinas Medical Center/Levine Children's Hospital
  • Atrium Health Behavioral Health
  • Atrium Health-Mercy
  • Atrium Health Pineville
  • Carolinas HealthCare System Lincoln
  • Carolinas HealthCare System University
  • Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast/Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital
  • Carolinas Rehabilitation
  • Atrium Health Union
  • Atrium Health Anson
  • Carolinas HealthCare System Kings Mountain

Access to Emergency Care

In 1986, Congress enacted legislation to ensure that all members of the public have access to emergency treatment, regardless of ability to pay. This legislation, known as the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (or EMTALA), imposes specific obligations on Medicare-participating hospitals that offer emergency services. These obligations include medical screening, assistance with labor and delivery, and medical transfer as needed.

Read the complete text of Atrium Health's CMC EMTALA Policy.