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Atrium Health strives to provide financial assistance based on a patient’s ability to pay while modeling the Atrium Health core value of “Caring”.

The financial assistance programs are designed to ensure assistance is provided to patients demonstrating a financial need and to ensure Atrium Health complies with any required Federal or State regulations related to financial assistance. Those eligible for financial assistance will never be billed more than the amounts generally billed (AGB) to an insured patient. Atrium Health uses the look-back method to calculate AGB. For more information on the calculation for AGB, contact Patient Customer Service at 704-512-7171 or 844-440-6536.

Download information about our patient billing and financial assistance programs.

Know the Cost of Your Care and Your Payment Options

Financial Assistance Programs at Atrium Health

Coverage Assistance & Financial Assistance (CAFA)

The CAFA program is for North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Alabama residents who have received hospital inpatient or observation services and demonstrate a financial need. It also includes hospital outpatient and medical group services that resulted in a balance greater than or equal to $10,000.

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Financial Assistance Scoring (FAS)

The Financial Assistance Scoring program is for North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Alabama residents who are uninsured patients and have received hospital outpatient or medical group services that resulted in a balance less than $10,000.

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Community Sliding Fee Discount Program

It is the policy of Atrium Health that NHSC-approved sites are to provide essential services regardless of the patient's ability to pay. Discounts are offered based on family size and annual income and are available for those that qualify.

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Georgia Residents Only:

Financial assistance for under-insured patients is only available through the Georgia Indigent Care Trust Fund (ICTF) state program for Georgia residents receiving certain hospital services in Georgia. Funding for this program is subject to annual thresholds. These patients can apply by submitting a CAFA application.

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Discount Programs at Atrium Health

Hardship Settlement Discount *

This program is designed to assist North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Alabama residents who have had a catastrophic medical event regardless of their insurance coverage that has resulted in very large medical bills in comparison to their financial resources.

Patients who have incurred a balance after all insurance or third-party payments that is 10% of their total household financial resources may be eligible for a hardship discount.

Atrium Health Hardship Settlement Discount Application

* Patients seeking a hardship settlement discount should inquire about this program by calling the customer service department at 704-512-7171 or 844-440-6536 after receiving their first statement.

Uninsured Discount

Uninsured patients will receive a 50% discount off gross charges on all medically necessary services.

The uninsured discount is applied automatically, and no action is needed by the patient to receive this discount. This program is available to all uninsured patients.

For questions about Atrium Health's uninsured discount program, please call Patient Customer Service at 704-512-7171 or 844-440-6536.

Atrium Health’s Financial Assistance Programs Elevate Hope and Advance Healing for ALL.

Helpful Documents

Access to Emergency Care

In 1986, Congress enacted legislation to ensure that all members of the public have access to emergency treatment, regardless of ability to pay. This legislation, known as the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (or EMTALA), imposes specific obligations on Medicare-participating hospitals that offer emergency services. These obligations include medical screening, assistance with labor and delivery, and medical transfer as needed.

Read the complete text of Atrium Health's CMC EMTALA Policy ( PDF ).