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  • Thomas Nagel, BSN, RN, NREMT-P, Director/Manager for Center for Prehospital Medicine
  • Jonathan Studnek, PhD, NREMT-P, Prehospital Research, The Mecklenburg EMS Agency & The Center for Prehospital Medicine
  • Terran Berry, NREMT-P, CCP, TP-C, Clinical Coordinator, Center for Prehospital Medicine
  • Robert Bivens, BS, BA, EMT-P, Clinical Coordinator, Center for Prehospital Medicine
  • Marie Hildreth, AAS, EMT-P, Clinical Coordinator, Center for Prehospital Medicine
  • Amy Swoope, BS, Program Manager, Center for Prehospital Medicine

Thomas Nagel, BSN, RN, NREMT-P

Thomas Nagel, BSN, RN, NRP, is the Program Director and Manager of the Center for Prehospital Medicine at Atrium Health. A former Combat Medic in the United States Army, Mr. Nagel's expertise spans nursing, emergency medical sciences and tactical medicine.

In his role at Atrium Health, Mr. Nagel directs the consortium paramedic program with Central Piedmont Community College and leads continuing education for Mecklenburg EMS Agency. Additionally, he serves as an instructor and facilitator for Tactical Emergency Casualty Combat Care courses nationwide, reflecting his background in tactical and austere medicine. An innovative educator, he has contributed to medical research, including work on stress inoculation training.

With a commitment to excellence in medical education, Mr. Nagel's leadership ensures the Center for Prehospital Medicine continues to shape the next generation of paramedics, advancing emergency medical services within the region. His passion for hands-on training, his dedication to nurturing the future leaders in healthcare and his strong belief in the transformative power of education make Mr. Nagel an essential figure at Atrium Health. Under his guidance, the Center for Prehospital Medicine continues to provide exceptional training, shaping the next generation of paramedics and contributing to the advancement of emergency medical services.

Jonathan Studnek, PhD

Dr. Jonathan Studnek came to the Center for Prehospital Medicine after completing his PhD in Epidemiology at the Ohio State University in 2008. Prior to completing his doctoral degree, he was a paramedic in Albuquerque, N.M. and was a research fellow at the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. Dr. Studnek served as the Director of Prehospital Research for CPM while working closely with the Mecklenburg EMS Agency (Medic). He also serves as the chair of the research committee for the National Association of EMS Physicians. His current research interests revolve around improving patient care in the prehospital setting. Current topics include out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, acute myocardial infarction and the role of simulation in EMS education. In 2012 Dr. Studnek began working directly with Medic as their QI Manager while continuing to maintain his research interests with the Center for Prehospital Medicine and Carolinas Medical Center. Dr. Studnek is also Associate Graduate Faculty at UNC-Charlotte.

Terran Berry, NREMT-P, CCP, TP-C

Terran Berry is a faculty member at Atrium Health’s Center for Prehospital Medicine, known for his dedication to innovative medical education. Motivated by his love for his remote community in Triplett, NC, he has been serving in emergency services since he was 14. Mr. Berry emphasizes bold instruction and encourages serious debate, helping to shape confident medical providers. With an analytical approach to medicine and a belief in practical application, he underscores the importance of innovation in healthcare. Outside of his professional life, he enjoys soccer and manages a championship-winning adult team in NC. His commitment to education and hands-on training makes Mr. Berry a vital part of Atrium Health's mission.

Robert Bivens, BS, BA, EMT-P

Robert Bivens serves as a Clinical Faculty member with Atrium Health’s Center for Prehospital Medicine. A graduate of the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, he began his emergency service career in 1998 with the Cornelius Fire Department and later became a Paramedic Crew Chief and Preceptor at Mecklenburg EMS Agency. Since 2018, as a faculty member with the Center and a graduate of the paramedic cohort program, Mr. Bivens blends his academic and hands-on experience to shape the next generation of emergency medical professionals. A lifelong resident of Cornelius, NC, his dedication to education and his extensive experience make him a valuable asset to Atrium Health's mission.

Marie Hildreth, AAS, EMT-P

Marie Hildreth serves as the Clinical Coordinator at Atrium Health’s Center for Prehospital Medicine, based at 1600 Scott Avenue, Charlotte, NC. With a career marked by dedication to emergency medical education, Marie holds an AAS in Emergency Medical Science and is a certified educator in both EMT and paramedic level courses. Her vast experience includes roles as Paramedic Crew Chief and Lead Instructor at Central Piedmont Community College, where her responsibilities have ranged from providing hands-on patient care to leading educational programs.

Marie's commitment to fostering strong future prehospital emergency providers is apparent in her willingness to constantly learn, accept constructive criticism and assist students and colleagues alike. Her exemplary achievements include a Medal of Valor Award from Mecklenburg EMS Agency, the 2015 First Responder Award from the Charlotte Dilworth Rotary Club and consistent commendations from patients and families. An active volunteer with Idlewild Fire Department, Marie's keen eye for detail, organizational skills and dedication to excellence continue to contribute to her success in the emergency medical field.

Amy Swoope, BS

Amy Swoope serves as the Project Manager for the Center for Prehospital Medicine, where her work encompasses two vital roles. Her primary responsibility lies in the CoAEMSP-accredited paramedic consortium program, where she facilitates and assists in administration, development and record-keeping, ensuring that all aspects run smoothly and meet the required standards. In her secondary role, Amy coordinates the EMS Physician Fellowship, a program that benefits from her strong organizational and collaboration skills. Both of these initiatives are integral to the Center for Prehospital Medicine, and Amy's diligent management ensures their continued success.

Amy's professional history includes significant roles within Atrium Health since September 2013, and a background in elementary education. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Relations from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Her attention to detail, conscientious approach and problem-solving skills make her an invaluable asset to our team, contributing significantly to the Center for Prehospital Medicine's pursuit of excellence.