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Visitor Restrictions Update: Because flu & RSV cases are on the rise, starting November 16, children 12 and younger are restricted from visiting hospitals, certain inpatient facilities, and all emergency departments. Learn more.

In the face of catastrophe, the ability to provide medical care is more important than ever. When hospitals or communities become overwhelmed, Atrium Health Mobile Emergency Department (MED-1) is there. It’s a flexible resource designed to provide the highest level of patient care where it’s needed.

Since its first deployment in 2005, Atrium Health MED-1 has saved lives, delivered babies and helped communities in crisis. This first-of-its-kind mobile hospital unit can be used to temporarily replace or support a hospital emergency department during a:

  • Disaster (e.g., fire, flood, hurricane)
  • Hospital renovation
  • Mass gathering (e.g., sporting event, large community clinic)
  • Pandemic, including COVID-19 testing and surge relief

When catastrophes or large-scale incidents happen, the need for surge relief can be very real and last for weeks. Based in Charlotte, NC, Atrium Health MED-1 will be there right away to help provide care seamlessly. 

Contact Atrium Health MED-1

For more information about Atrium Health MED-1, email

For 24-hour emergency response, call 1-800-421-9195 and request activation of Atrium Health MED-1.