Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute (SHVI) Fellowship in Adult Cardiology is an extensive 12-month program that prepares Advanced Clinical Providers (ACP) to gain additional knowledge, skills, and competency within the specialty area of cardiology. In conjunction with the Atrium Health Center for  Advanced, Carolinas Medical Center (CMC), and SHVI, the fellowship will provide advanced training in cardiovascular disease management with experiences in Adult General Cardiology, as well as sub-specialties in electrophysiology, advanced heart failure/transplant management, invasive cardiology, echocardiography and nuclear imaging modalities, and research.

This intensive fellowship program prepares advanced practitioners to provide excellent care to patients with acute and chronic cardiac diagnoses. It will also improve patient access and the quality of care within cardiology practices. The ACP Cardiology fellows will be under the direct supervision of Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute at CMC.

The cardiology fellowship provides advanced didactic education with an introductory three-month multidisciplinary intensive care rotation, followed by a nine-month course of rotations focused on inpatient and ambulatory clinical experiences within cardiology. ACP fellows are members of the SHVI team and will receive focused, dedicated individual training in addition to the existing cardiology curriculum already offered to residents and medical students at CMC.


The first three months will include general hospital orientation of the fellowship in addition to two months in the ICU and one month with Carolinas Hospitalist Group.

  • Weeks 13 to 24: Cardiology Rotation on day shift focusing on Rapid Response calls, Code STEMIs. Outpatient office for chronic disease management.
  • Weeks 25 to 40: General Cardiology Rotation on day shift
  • Weeks 41 to 44: Electrophysiology rotation
  • Weeks 45 to 48: Heart Failure and Advanced Therapies for HF rotation
  • Weeks 49 to 52: Coronary Care Unit rotation
  • Weeks 53 to 60: General Cardiology Rotation on Evenings and Nights