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If you have questions regarding medical student rotations, you may contact Shelly Williamson, Medical Education Coordinator, Carolinas Medical Center at 704-446-2504.

You may also contact Nikki Sherrell, our Neurological Surgery Residency Program Manager.

The Neurological Surgery Residency Program at Carolinas Medical Center (CMC) is accepting applications from qualified medical students to participate in its sub-internship program.

As part of our core mission, the faculty of CMC’s Neurological Surgery Residency Program is dedicated to educating medical students from training centers around the nation. Students who are interested in applying for the competitive residency program here are encouraged to consider participation, but sub-internships are not a prerequisite for application to the graduate medical training program.

Atrium Health coordinates medical student rotations through our academic affiliation with the Wake Forest University School of Medicine (WFU SOM). All medical students interested in completing a rotation with our program must apply through the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) site under the Wake Forest University School of Medicine’s course “4SGS11 – Neurosurgery” for the rotation at the Wake Forest-Charlotte campus.

Once you have applied, the Medical Student Coordinator at CMC will be notified of your interest and the dates you are requesting. If your requested dates don’t align with the WFU SOM academic calendar, please contact Nikki Sherrell. The program is willing to accommodate when possible.

Thank you for your interest in the sub-internship rotation of Carolinas Medical Center’s Neurological Surgery Residency Program. We look forward to receiving your application.

CNSA Diversity in Neurosurgery Visiting Student Scholarship

At Carolinas Medical Center’s Neurological Surgery Residency Program and Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates (CNSA), we recognize that increasing diversity within our specialty is essential. Diversity enhances the resilience of the field, improves access to quality care in underserved communities, and strengthens the impact neurosurgery has on the world.

The CNSA Diversity in Neurosurgery Visiting Student Scholarship is an initiative designed to build upon the diversity and inclusiveness of CMC’s neurosurgical residency. This program offers fourth-year students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to experience the exceptional training CMC has to offer.

The scholarship provides supplemental funding to exemplary candidates to help ease the financial burden of completing a rotation with our program.

Funding is available to support selected students with exemplary applications during their 4-week rotation at CMC. The funds are provided to help cover the cost of housing, food and transportation during your sub-internship. Stipends are limited annually, so we encourage you to apply for your chosen 4-week period early.


Candidates must be a fourth-year medical student in good standing with a competitive application for neurosurgical residency. Candidates must come from a background that is underrepresented in neurosurgery (including women and any student from a background underrepresented in the medical profession).


Scholarship recipients must complete a 4-week sub-internship with neurosurgery at CMC.

How to apply:

Complete and submit an application for the CMC Neurological Surgery Residency Sub-Internship through VSAS under the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

Then, email Nikki Sherrell with your CV, a statement on how your background is underrepresented in neurosurgery, and a brief note of interest in CMC’s Neurological Surgery Residency Program.