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Family Medicine Service: A large part of your inpatient training occurs on our family medicine service at Atrium Health Cabarrus. Here we provide true full spectrum care. Residents will see anything from moms with high risk pregnancies, newborns on up to ICU patients on any given day. The patients we care for are all established patients from our 4 Cabarrus Family Medicine (CFM) residency offices, providing excellent continuity for our patients. You will learn from a mix of family medicine hospitalists, full scope family medicine attendings, specialists and pharm D’s.

  • Patient load and autonomy progress from year one to year two. Residents have caps on how many patients they carry.
  • As a third year resident, you will truly run the service! You will be responsible for assigning patients to residents and faculty, triaging new admissions, and providing support for the first- and second-year residents. The third year resident is also the primary resident responsible for teaching and supervising medical students.
  • Night work will consist of two, 2-week night float rotations per year. On night float there are 2 residents and 1 attending on call. There is also scattered weekend night float coverage throughout the academic year. Our faculty stay in-house on call providing appropriate balance between resident independence and oversight.

Outpatient Family Medicine Training: The bulk of your outpatient training occurs through your family medicine practice (FMP). Clinic half-days range from one to five per week, depending on post-graduate year and rotation. Residents learn how to manage their own patient panels and participate in team-based office initiatives to improve health outcomes for our patients. As junior partners, residents are actively involved in provider meetings and are encouraged to provide input into practice management decisions.

We have a created a unique model of “internal referral clinics” during which we bring the specialists to our family medicine offices to provide additional concentrated training opportunities. These include: travel medicine, dermatology and gynecology.

Residents also see patients at our local health department and several community clinics dedicated to underserved members of our community.

Flexible Training: Residents have a significant elective time, allowing them to tailor their training. We are proud to have been a national leader in creating areas of concentration (AOC) for residents who have a particular focus they want to embrace during residency. AOCs can be tailored to the resident’s individual goals. Past examples include travel medicine, women’s health, community medicine, and palliative care among others. We also provide a obstetrics and sports medicine tracks for interested residents.

Didactic Series: The residents come together each Wednesday afternoon for lunch, fellowship and teaching from 1 - 5 p.m. During this time, they also have resident support group and time to meet with their advisors. Conferences include a series of dynamic teaching sessions led by a balance of family medicine faculty, specialist faculty, residents and outside speakers. We have many small group activities and some fun games and competitions... all in the spirit of learning, of course!

The Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency Program uses a block rotation schedule organized into 13, 4-week blocks. The rotation schedule for the three (3) year program is shown below.

Education Program

Block rotations: Each PG Year has a block rotation organized into 13, 4-week blocks



Curricular Area BLOCKS
Family Medicine Service 3.0
FMS Swing Shift 0.5
Obstetrics and Newborn Care 1.5
NICU 0.5
Pediatrics Inpatient 0.5
Pediatrics Outpatient 0.5
Cardiology 1.0
Gynecology 1.0
Dermatology 0.5
Geriatrics 0.5
MSK1 (Sports Medicine/Orthopedics) 1.0
Gastroenterology 0.5
Family Medicine Practice/Radiology 1.0
Night Float 1.0


Curricular Area BLOCKS
Family Medicine Service 3.0
Obstetrics and Newborn Care 1.0
Surgery 1.0
Pediatrics Outpatient 0.5
Pediatrics Inpatient 0.5
Emergency Medicine 1.0
Ophthalmology/Otolaryngology 0.5
Community Medicine 0.5
Intensive Care 1.0
Elective 1.5
Behavioral Health 0.5
Family Medicine Practice 1.0
Night Float 1.0


Curricular Area BLOCKS 
Family Medicine Service 1.5
Family Medicine Practice 1.0
Geriatrics 0.5
Pediatrics, Developmental (outpatient) 0.5
Emergency Medicine 1.0
Pediatrics, Inpatient 1.0
Pediatrics, Subspecialty (outpatient) 0.5
MSK2 (Sports Medicine/Rheumatology) 1.0
Urology 0.5
Elective 4.5
Night Float 1.0

Longitudinal Curriculum
Community Medicine & Population Health, Evidence-Based Medicine, Cultural Competency, Behavioral Medicine, Patient Safety & Quality Improvement, Management of Health Systems, Lifestyle Medicine & Health Promotion, Laboratory Medicine, Research & Scholarly Activities are taught through a mix of experiential, didactic and research activities over the 3 years.


Salary Academic Year (2023 - 2024), resident salaries are as follows:

  • PGY-1 $61,608
  • PGY-2 $64,362
  • PGY-3 $67,014
  • PGY-4 $70,176


  • Twenty-one (21) days PTO per year for vacation and sick
  • Five (5) days for CME per year (require approval)
  • Medical and dental insurance plans for residents and their families (at no charge to resident)
  • Life insurance plan equal to 1.5 times salary
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Workers' compensation
  • Disability insurance
  • Medical liability insurance
  • Meals provided on call and frequently during conferences
  • $1,900 in CME funds (conference, resource materials, memberships, etc.)
  • Intern moving stipend of $1,000
  • Laptop for use while in program
  • Free parking in physicians’ lot at Atrium Health Cabarrus

Sample Contracts

Mission and Program Aims

Mission Statement

The Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency Program is committed to providing quality, compassionate and cost-effective patient care for our patients and community and recruiting and training a diverse pool of quality family physicians for future practice in our community and areas of need in North Carolina.

Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency Program Aims

  1. Aim 1: Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency prepares family physicians to practice in communities that need access to comprehensive primary care including management of acute illness, chronic disease wellness and preventative care for patients of all ages, gender and circumstance and in whatever setting is required whether it be hospital, urgent care, long term care, outpatient office or the patient’s home.
  2. Aim 2: Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency prepares family physicians who are skilled in  managing the health of populations with emphasis on compassionate, high quality, evidence-based care provided in a cost-effective manner.
  3. Aim 3: Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency prepares family physicians to be engaged in their community, to be leaders and innovators, to improve healthcare and encourage wellness from the local to the international level.
  4. Aim 4: Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency prepares family physicians who are resilient in managing change and the stressors that are inherent in our chosen profession and serve as role models for their patients and colleagues.  

Medical Student Opportunities

Rotations in Family Medicine

We can design a rotation to fulfill your medical school's requirements:

  • See patients in a comprehensive family medicine clinic
  • Experience on our busy family medicine inpatient service
  • Experience in our Sports Medicine and Injury Center available
  • Experience in office procedures
  • Didactic sessions at hospital and afternoon conferences

Family Medicine Inpatient Acting Internship

  • Work alongside family medicine residents and attending physicians in all areas of the hospital, including ER, ICU, Pediatrics, Nursery, Labor and Delivery, Family Medicine Unit, Chest Pain Unit and Cardiac Care Units
  • Directly mange patient care with supervision of upper level resident and attending
  • Experience night float with residents and in-house attendings
  • Participate in teaching rounds at morning report, including presentations of patients admitted
  • Student housing offered depending on availability

For more information, call 704-403-0464 or email Sharon Canterbury.