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Dr. Lara Pons, CFMR hospitalist and 2000 graduate of CFMR: Cabarrus Family Medicine is the premier Family Medicine group in North Carolina. We have 2 past presidents of the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians on faculty and the president of the NCAFP for 2016-2017 is the president of our group. Our faculty includes 3 NCAFP family physicians of the year and an AAFP Family Physician of the year. We know and love Family Medicine and love to teach it to others. We have one of the largest inpatient family medicine hospital services in the country.  Our inpatient service has great variety and complexity with regards to diagnoses. We have a great rapport with our specialists and all work as a team.  We are an unopposed program. We give great care to our patients, because within our community our patients are also our friends and families.
Hall-Joshua-DO.jpg Dr. Josh Hall, 2016 graduate, now faculty: The ability to train in an environment in which you are truly treated like a junior partner is second to none. It is a wonderful blend of teaching and real world practice that is difficult to find elsewhere. There is also a sense of family not only amongst the residents and faculty but also with office staff that truly make it a joy to be a part of CFM.
Bradley-Propst.jpg Dr. Bradley Propst, 2017 Graduate: The people! Our residents all have a desire to learn and help their patients and each other, our attendings love to teach and are amazing role models as practicing physicians, our nurses and support staff in the hospital and clinics enjoy helping us care for our patients and watching us grow during our time here, and our patients are truly grateful for the services we give them over their lifetime. 
Emily-Peacock.jpg Dr. Emily Peacock, 2018 Graduate and Faculty: I loved that CFM offered great inpatient and outpatient training. Our unique clinic model was very appealing and I have loved being a part of a real practice, but most of all, I wanted to come to CFM because everyone I met on my interview day was so nice.
PaulTimothyMD.jpg Dr. Tim Paul, 2015 graduate, now faculty: The camaraderie of the program is outstanding, we are really a family. The education is second to none in my opinion, I had to stay a part of the program after I graduated! 
Murphy, Maureen MD.jpg Dr. Maureen Murphy:  Faculty and 2016 National Family Physician of the Year: What sets CFM apart from other residencies is the number and experiences of the faculty. Instead of other programs that have 6-8 Family Medicine faculty, we have over 25 docs with a wide variety of interests and experiences. This gives the residents many role models as well as a broader range of practice types from which they can learn. ?We also have a wonderful community hospital where the residents are an important part of the medical staff, and they don’t have to compete with or take a back seat to other learners or specialties. We also have the advantage of combining a real community setting in this county for Family Medicine, yet are close enough to enjoy the perks of the big city. 
Erin-Wagner.jpg Dr. Erin Wagner, 2018 Graduate: Our apprenticeship model is really great. Like the experience of a real clinic. Everyone really gets along, we are a big family and everyone is very approachable.
mark_robinson_CFM.jpg Dr. Mark Robinson:  Founding faculty member, Designated Institutional Official and Chair of Education for Atrium Health CabarrusWhat sets us apart? Our offices are real world family medicine practices; our inpatient service is ideal learning for residents in terms of the range of pathology, breadth of scope, and volume of resident cases; friendly approachable faculty and specialists; outstanding facilities:? beautiful hospital, recently renovated offices; open ICUs
Amanda-Schultz.jpg Dr. Amanda Schultz, 2017 Graduate: The residents! We love each other and have a great time together. I also chose this program specifically for the emphasis on OB and the number of FP-OB faculty we have.
steinbacher_erika.jpg Dr. Erika Steinbacher, DIO, faculty since 1996: CFM has a presence. The people here have a strong sense of identity and purpose that has allowed us to survive and thrive all the many changes in the health care environment. There is a passion for providing the best, most compassionate patient care as well as for guiding the next generation of family physicians to carry that torch onward. Our large and diverse patient base and apprenticeship model in the office ensures our residents graduate prepared for many career settings and make us very proud when we meet people who say our graduates take care of them and their family.
Josh-Carpenter.jpg Dr. Josh Carpenter, 2017 Graduate: The quality of training here at CFM is excellent and I believe superior when it comes to the inpatient and outpatient experience. Having an unopposed program allows for more learning opportunities.
Dr. Susan Andersen, Associate Program Director, faculty member since 1995: Things that set off Cabarrus family medicine from other programs: Collegiality of faculty and residents, including specialist faculty. Real world experience offered. Great community to live and work.
Ying-Vang.jpg Dr. Ying Vang, 2017 Graduate: The people and the uniqueness of being able to practice outpatient clinic in a private setting. The amount of pathology I saw on my AI was very interesting.
Dr. Erin Trantham, Faculty: Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency gives residents such an amazing patient care experience—exposure to a broad range of medicine both inpatient and outpatient.

Nguyen, Peter MD.jpg Dr. Peter Nguyen, 2019 Graduate: Great, friendly, approachable faculty. Nonintimidating environment.
  Courtland Winborne, 2019 Graduate: My first experience with Cabarrus Family Medicine was as a third-year medical student. I did an outpatient rotation at the Mt. Pleasant office. During this month not only did I gain confidence as a new coming physician, I also met some of the most genuine people. This was my last rotation of third year and was the reason I changed from what I originally thought I wanted to go into to Family Medicine. I came back as a fourth-year medical student and found the experience like no other. We might have been in a community hospital, but the variety of illness was endless. If it came down to one reason as to why I chose Cabarrus Family Medicine, it would be the people.
  PJ Henson, 2020 Graduate: Cabarrus Family Medicine is just that—family. From the moment I met the residents and staff, I knew this program was a special as it was close. Even during the interview, I could tell how strong the relationships were between residents, attendings and staff. On top of this, being an unopposed program leads to a broader training experience. We see everything from routine to rare. We also have the resources of a large institution thanks to our partnership with Atrium Health, while being removed enough to still feel like a community program. These resources, however, let us pursue any kind of interest within family medicine with ease. Finally, for those interested in sports medicine, having a fellowship program here is a big plus!
  Olivia Tu, 2020 Graduate: I have had an interest in Cabarrus Family since my third year in medical school after meeting some of the faculty and residents during Family Medicine Day. I was drawn by how friendly and approachable everyone was. Residency is tough, and it’s really important to find the right people who will help you get through the years and motivate you to continue in your passion in medicine. I found that with Cabarrus Family.
  Alex Moshtaghi, 2020 Graduate: unopposed program, great faculty, close relationships with faculty, great patient variety, leadership opportunities, junior partnership in clinics
  Kyle Levitt, 2020 Graduate: Amazing faculty and staff, great training hospital with unopposed residency, subspecialty and procedure opportunities, great outpatient training, free clinic, volunteer and leadership opportunities, 25 minutes from Charlotte Metro area.
  Megan Campbell, 2019 Graduate and Faculty: Personally, I came here after experiencing Cabarrus Family Medicine as an undecided third-year medical student and fourth-year acting intern. During that time, I saw genuine resident and resident-faculty interactions. I saw a group of physicians who were involved in their community, cared about the needs of the community and were loved and respected by the community. I saw examples of the kind of doctor I hoped to become one day. The pathology was diverse, the volume of patients was high, and the learning was great. Most of all though, Cabarrus Family Medicine ultimately felt like home.
  Zach Barfield, 2020 Graduate: People that work here are REAL people who are down to earth, talented and eager to teach.
  Katy Key, 2020 Graduate: Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency Program is an unrivaled training atmosphere with supportive, approachable, knowledgeable faculty, unopposed exposure to subspecialists’ expertise and well-rounded experience to practice full school family medicine confidently.