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“The ability to train in an environment in which you are truly treated like a junior partner is second to none. It is a wonderful blend of teaching and real world practice that is difficult to find elsewhere. There is also a sense of family not only amongst the residents and faculty but also with office staff that truly make it a joy to be a part of CFM.”

Dr. Josh Hall, CFMR Graduate


“My first experience with Cabarrus Family Medicine was as a third-year medical student. I did an outpatient rotation at the Mt. Pleasant office. During this month not only did I gain confidence as a new coming physician, I also met some of the most genuine people. This was my last rotation of third year and was the reason I changed from what I originally thought I wanted to go into to Family Medicine. I came back as a fourth-year medical student and found the experience like no other. We might have been in a community hospital, but the variety of illness was endless. If it came down to one reason as to why I chose Cabarrus Family Medicine, it would be the people.”

Dr. Courtland Winborne, CFMR Graduate


“Cabarrus Family Medicine is just that—family. From the moment I met the residents and staff, I knew this program was a special as it was close. Even during the interview, I could tell how strong the relationships were between residents, attendings and staff. On top of this, being an unopposed program leads to a broader training experience. We see everything from routine to rare. We also have the resources of a large institution thanks to our partnership with Atrium Health, while being removed enough to still feel like a community program. These resources, however, let us pursue any kind of interest within family medicine with ease. Finally, for those interested in sports medicine, having a fellowship program here is a big plus!”

 Dr. PJ Henson, CFMR Graduate


“Personally, I came here after experiencing Cabarrus Family Medicine as an undecided third-year medical student and fourth-year acting intern. During that time, I saw genuine resident and resident-faculty interactions. I saw a group of physicians who were involved in their community, cared about the needs of the community and were loved and respected by the community. I saw examples of the kind of doctor I hoped to become one day. The pathology was diverse, the volume of patients was high, and the learning was great. Most of all though, Cabarrus Family Medicine ultimately felt like home.”

 Dr. Megan Campbell Easterday, CFMR Graduate