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David Peters, MD
Neurological Surgery Residency Program

David Peters, MD, PGY7

Hometown: Waterloo, IA

Medical School: University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Undergraduate Education: Indiana Wesleyan University, BS Biology; Minor in Business Administration

Academic Honors: Elected into Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, President of Alpha Omega Alpha University of Iowa Class of 2017, Jensen-Albrecht Scholarship for Excellence in Neuroscience as a medical student, NAIA Scholar-Athlete Award

Q & A

What attracted you to our residency program? After completing my interviews, I was convinced that the operative experience at CMC was among the very best in the country. The ratio of attendings to residents is higher than any other program in the country, and the entire spectrum of neurosurgical treatment is covered. There are always cases available that have the appropriate level of complexity suitable for your current experience, interests and growth. In addition, the opportunities for clinical research are immense. I believe that the wealth of opportunity at CMC creates a very high ceiling for resident growth and allows them to quickly improve and advance. Furthermore, I strongly felt like it was a group of faculty and residents that would be easy to get along with and fun to work with.

What have you enjoyed most so far? I have really enjoyed the culture of the program. Our attendings have a tremendous amount of experience and accomplishments, yet remain down to earth, approachable, fun to work with and committed to the success of the residency program. Likewise, my co-residents are a small but fantastic group that have taught me a lot and been very fun to be around. I have also learned a lot from the mid-level providers, who have been very friendly, helpful and great to work with. I could not be any happier with the training program at CMC.

What are your personal hobbies? I am a huge fan of both the NBA and college basketball and I enjoy playing basketball as well. I love anything outdoors including camping, skiing, hiking, biking and wakeboarding. I also enjoy playing the piano.

Graham Mulvaney, MD
Neurological Surgery Residency Program

Graham Mulvaney, MD, PGY6

Hometown: Durham, NC

Medical School: The University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Undergraduate Education: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BS Biomedical Engineering; Minor in Chemistry

Academic Honors: Founder and President of UNC AANS Medical Student Chapter, John B. Graham Medial Research Society

Q & A

What attracted you to our residency program? During my sub-internship at CMC, I was impressed by the pathological variety and operative volume managed by one of the busiest Level 1 trauma centers in the country and a wide catchment area. I was attracted by the importance placed on early operative experience and clinical autonomy, and the patient-centered, collaborative culture connected with my core values. There was an infectious energy and commitment to excellence in all aspects that resonated with me and was exemplified by the impressive clinical and surgical acumen of the current residents. Finally, the flexibility available during the residency and the genuine encouragement to actively pursue my career goals made this program stand out among the others.

What have you enjoyed most so far? The clinical and operative opportunity at Carolinas Medical Center has been nothing short of amazing. Taking leadership in patient care is a major focus, and autonomy and decision-making are emphasized at an early stage. The diverse and respected training backgrounds of our attendings, the high attending/resident ratio and the belief and commitment put into this program have created a truly special and unique residency. The mid-level providers have also been a tremendous support and bring a wealth of experience in the clinical care of neurosurgical patients. Finally, the culture of the program has been great, and I have greatly enjoyed working with and learning from everyone.

What are your personal hobbies? I enjoy spending my free time watching college basketball and the English Premier League and enjoy playing soccer as well. I am an avid fan of music and enjoy playing saxophone for all types of musical genres including rock, pop, reggae and jazz. Since moving to Charlotte, I have greatly enjoyed exploring the music and sports scene, in addition to the variety of wonderful restaurants and breweries.

Steve Monk, MD
Neurological Surgery Residency Program

Steve Monk, MD, PGY5

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

Medical School: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Undergraduate Education: Vanderbilt University; BA in Economics and Molecular & Cellular Biology, Minor in Chemistry

Academic Honors: SEC Academic Honor Roll, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship, Delta Tau Delta Fischbach Medical Scholarship

Q & A

What attracted you to our residency program? The training environment at CMC is simply unparalleled. Residents experience the full spectrum of neurosurgical cases and receive an unusual amount of autonomy both in the operating room and in general patient care from the start of intern year. The program seamlessly combines the advantages of a Level I trauma center with a private practice neurosurgery group to equip residents with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be leaders in the field. The high attending-to-resident ratio provides immense case volume, allows for direct mentorship and fosters a collegial culture in which residents are truly viewed as colleagues.

What have you enjoyed most so far? Being fully immersed in all aspects of neurosurgical care including clinic, floor procedures, operations and endovascular procedures.

What are your personal hobbies? College football (Anchor Down and Geaux Tigers), golf, disc golf, outdoors and reading.

Rebecca DeCarlo

Rebecca DeCarlo, MD
Neurological Surgery Residency Program

Rebecca DeCarlo, MD, PGY4

Hometown: Gainesville, GA

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Undergraduate Education: University of North Georgia, BS Biology, Psychology

Academic Honors: Dean’s Clinical Honor Society, honored at the White House for her work developing protocols for COVID-19 contact tracing with the Georgia Department of Public Health

Q & A

What attracted you to our residency program? What attracted me to the residency program at Carolinas Medical Center was a combination of early hands on operative experience and enjoying the people that I would be working with for 7 years. The residents work well together as a team and the attendings lead from the front when it comes to patient care. We have frequent discussions about how to ethically care for our patients and also how to best work together with a multidisciplinary team.

What have you enjoyed most so far? So far, I have most enjoyed the operative experience that I feel is so unique at our program. As a new intern I already have had the opportunity to solo scrub cases with attendings and begin to develop my operative skills. Our attendings are attentive teachers in the OR and take the time to explain decision making while also ensuring familiarity with the anatomy. I additionally love the intensive care opportunities afforded by our program. I enjoy early involvement in the management of very sick patients and am gaining the confidence and skills to manage these critical individuals with neurosurgical bedside procedures.

What are your personal hobbies? I enjoy outdoor activities like paddle boarding, hiking and biking. There are several beautiful lakes a short drive from Charlotte and I can’t wait to try white water paddle boarding at the White-Water Center. There are many hiking trails near Charlotte as well and one of my favorites so far has been Crowders Mountain State Park. Charlotte additionally maintains many greenways for cycling that traverse more rural wooded areas and also uptown shops, restaurants and breweries. I take every opportunity I can to ride a new trail and stop to try the special at one of the many breweries.

Trent VanHorn

Trent VanHorn, MD
Neurological Surgery Residency Program

Trent VanHorn, MD, PGY3

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Medical School: Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Undergraduate Education: Wake Forest University, BS in Biology; Minor in Chemistry

Academic Honors: Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Academic Honor Roll, Tim Duncan Leadership Award

Q & A

What attracted you to our residency program? I immediately noticed the uniquely high clinical volume at Carolinas Medical Center, which incorporates the full spectrum of complexity and allows for unlimited learning opportunities as comprehensive, efficient neurosurgical management is delivered in all phases of patient care. The experience gained from training at one of the busiest Level 1 trauma centers is supplemented by intimate and longitudinal exposure to one of the most respected private practice neurosurgery groups in the country. I believe this rare combination offers a dynamic training experience unlike many others. The rapid growth and success of the program at CMC is energizing and is fueled by a group of faculty who are dedicated to resident development in all phases of life. Perhaps most importantly, I admired the residents for their leadership in helping to build a relatively new program and for taking pride in its representation by excelling in all aspects of their training.

What have you enjoyed most so far? The opportunity to learn and improve technical skills begins on day 1 of intern year. Our faculty each bring unique techniques and perspectives from excellent neurosurgical training backgrounds and are some of the most approachable and down to earth people I have ever worked with. My co-residents and the mid-level providers are gifted teachers and promote early autonomy in clinical decision making and performance of neurosurgical procedures. Monthly “chief dinners” have been a major highlight. These gatherings allow our group to enjoy time together away from the hospital in the setting of high-quality food and beverages, compliments of our chief!

What are your personal hobbies? I enjoy playing many sports including basketball, golf, tennis, spikeball, pickleball and beach volleyball; all of which can be played year-round in Charlotte. Charlotte offers all the advantages of a big city in terms of restaurants and attractions and is just a short drive from both the mountains and the beach. I am excited to see the continued growth of the city in the years ahead and look forward to exploring all it has to offer.

Daniel Zeitouni, MD

Daniel Zeitouni, MD
Neurological Surgery Residency Program

Daniel Zeitouni, MD, PGY2

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Medical School: University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Undergraduate Education:University of North Carolina, BS in Public Health with Highest Honors; Minors in Chemistry and Religious Studies

Academic Honors: Kevin R. Stone Travel Fellow for neurosurgery sub-internship at the Mayo Clinic, President of UNC Chapter of AANS, Carolina Summer Research Fellow

Q & A

What attracted you to our residency program? I am fortunate to be entering this program at the perfect time. As a medical student, I did a sub-internship at Carolinas Medical Center, and the operative experience was the best I had seen. The complexity of cranial and spine cases that junior-mid level residents are actively participating in, and senior residents were leading was incredibly impressive. On top of a very hands-on experience, the level of clinical research that residents have the opportunity to pursue and the support they have to do so is a quickly growing part of the program. The addition of the Charlotte campus of the Wake Forest School of Medicine will only result in more academic opportunities and makes it a very exciting time to join the program.

What have you enjoyed most so far? The neurosurgical faculty and residents have already invested countless hours preparing me for managing the Neuro ICU and participating in operating room. I was immediately treated as a colleague who my seniors were excited to teach so that I can quickly become a productive part of the team. Outside the hospital, I have enjoyed eating at the countless restaurants Charlotte has to offer and attending sporting events here.

What are your personal hobbies? I enjoy playing sports like soccer, basketball, disc golf and spikeball. I love to watch and attend college basketball games (Go Heels!), Panthers NFL football games and Charlotte Football Club MLS soccer matches. My wife and I also love walking and hiking with our dogs.

Erin Miller, MD, PGY1
Erin Miller.

Erin Miller, MD
Neurological Surgery Residency Program

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Medical School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Undergraduate Education: Middlebury College, B.A. in Neuroscience

Academic Honors: Gold Humanism Honor Society, Sam Houston Sanders Merit Scholarship, Bland W. Cannon Scholarship

Q & A

What attracted you to our residency program? The neurosurgery program at Carolinas Medical Center is a unique intersection of one of the largest private practice neurosurgery groups with a busy level 1 trauma center serving a wide catchment area. The recent merging of Wake Forest with CMC has further strengthened educational and research opportunities. Incredible case volume and academic support aside, there is a sense of enthusiasm amongst all team members. During my sub-internship, I recognized how this mentality fosters not only inspiration but team-based dedication to patient care. The independence offered to residents at Carolinas Medical Center sets high expectations, promotes ownership of patients, and encourages earned autonomy in the operating room. As such, residents are treated as colleagues and taught to be leaders.

What have you enjoyed most so far? I was immediately welcomed onto the team and have been involved in all aspects of neurosurgical care, from neuro ICU to trauma, skull base, spine, vascular, neuro oncology, and more. There are endless opportunities here. It is an honor and an inspiration to work alongside enthusiastic residents and learn from highly experienced attendings.

What are your personal hobbies? There are numerous opportunities for outdoor adventuring around Charlotte. I have enjoyed running along the Greenway and nearby trails as well as exploring the many hikes in the surrounding area. I also enjoy cooking, drawing, scuba diving, and reading.