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At Atrium Health Carolinas Rehabilitation, our goal is to restore a patient’s quality of life. As a volunteer you help us achieve that goal while gaining important skills and learning more about rehabilitation.

Volunteers like you come from all over our region, providing vital support for our patients and care team. Our program has helped hundreds of students learn about working in rehabilitation and determine if it's the right career path for them.

Volunteering with Carolinas Rehabilitation

Our volunteering program is for students (age 15 and above) and adults who wish to give back to their community and learn more about rehabilitation. Common volunteer activities include:

  • Front desk support, welcoming and supporting guests when they arrive.
  • Helping our team and patients during physical, occupational and speech therapies.
  • Gym support, assisting with some group exercise activities or helping restock supplies.
  • Supporting patients one-on-one, by doing things like refilling water, talking to patients or reading to them.

We ask our volunteers to commit 100 hours to us each year. We also allow high school and college students to volunteer during the summers, with a fewer hours required.

We also have opportunities for specialized volunteers including:

  • Assisting with pet therapy: Where volunteers bring their trained and certified animal to help patients relieve stress and boost morale. This position requires a license through an accredited organization.
  • Peer mentoring: We invite former patients to support patients going through similar injuries or illnesses.

COVID-19 Update:

Per Atrium Health policy, COVID-19 vaccinations are required for all Volunteers. Unvaccinated applicants may receive their COVID-19 vaccines during the health clearance process, if selected to our program. Masks are required at all our facilities for visitors, patients, teammates, and Volunteers, regardless of vaccination status.

The Carolinas Rehabilitation volunteer application requires two non-family member references (students must include school references). If your application is selected, you must complete an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator, a background check, a health clearance, two TB skin tests, and a Volunteer Orientation.

How to Sign Up

Sign up to volunteer by filling out the forms below. We require all volunteers to take a TB test and get a flu shot during the flu season. We look forward to seeing your application!

Questions? Contact us at 704-355-2690.