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Atrium Health Employer Solutions has served as a trusted source of information on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) since the pandemic first hit our communities. To access our most up-to-date COVID-19 tools and resources, explore our COVID-Safe for Employers resource library by clicking the links below.

Email to request more information about keeping your workforce COVID-Safe.

Return to Work Town Hall Webinars


  • Kyla Montes presents at the 2021 NCSHRM Conference about Employee Mental Health Challenges and HR Support (PDF)

  • COVID-19 Town Hall Part 12 with Atrium Health (PDF)

    August 19, 2021: In our 12th Town Hall for employers, Atrium Health experts cover the latest COVID-19 updates and guidance including the Delta variant, booster shots, safety planning, and addressing vaccine resistance. You’ll also hear about the implementation of Atrium Health’s vaccine requirement.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance (PDF)

    Learn facts that employees need to know to encourage vaccine acceptance.

  • COVID-19 Basics (PDF)

    Dr. Katie Passaretti, MD, Medical Director of Infection Prevention at Atrium Health reviews the COVID-19 virus, transmission and treatment, including workplace illness and hygene.

  • Return-to-Work Town Hall Part 10 with Atrium Health (PDF)

    February 3, 2021: In our 10th Town Hall presentation, a panel of Atrium Health experts answer your most frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccinations.

  • Return-to-Work Town Hall Part 9 (PDF)

    November 18, 2020: In our 9th Town Hall presentation, Atrium Health experts will discuss managing employee mental health needs, COVID-19 vaccine development, COVID-19 clinical trials at Atrium Health and more.

  • Return-To-Work Town Hall Part 8 (PDF)

    September 16, 2020: In our 8th Town Hall presentation, our experts from Atrium Health answer questions on the newest testing and treatments, discuss the best ways to prevent workplace spread, as well as the prolonged impact of COVID-19.

  • Return-to-Work Town Hall Part 7 (PDF)

    August 12, 2020: In this Town Hall presentation, representatives from Atrium Health will discuss general COVID-19 updates for North Carolina and South Carolina and the importance of wearing masks. In addition, Specialty Medical Director, Employer Solutions and On-Demand Telemedicine, David Cosenza, MD will discuss what to anticipate as we transition to the fall as back-to-school ramps up and the annual flu season begins.

  • Return-To-Work Town Hall Part 6 (PDF)

    July 15, 2020: Atrium Health HR expert shares what steps we are taking to support a COVID-Safe work environment for our own teammates. We’ll also answer several frequently asked questions about testing and discuss a new offering that provides COVID-19 post-exposure testing at the worksite for asymptomatic employees.

  • Return-To-Work Town Hall Part 5 (PDF)

    June 17, 2020: Atrium Health experts discuss leading effectively in times of adversity and uncertainty, communicating thorough change and the impact of delaying care.

  • Return-To-Work Town Hall Part 4 (PDF)

    June 3, 2020: Hear from Atrium Health experts who serve on the front-line team. They'll share lessons learned from the COVID-19 worksite exposures we’ve supported, including answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Return-To-Work Town Hall Part 3 (PDF)

    May 20, 2020: Atrium Health experts give an update on COVID-Safe testing and screening for employees. Learn the best ways to avoid worksite exposures and what to do if a worksite exposure occurs.

  • Return-To-Work Town Hall Part 2 (PDF)

    May 6, 2020: Experts at Atrium Health provide guidance on how to safely return your employees to work. They will discuss topics such as COVID-19 testing, operational and HR considerations and COVID-Safe care at Atrium Health.

  • Return-To-Work Town Hall (PDF)

    April 23, 2020: Experts at Atrium Health discuss issues from protecting your employees to planning for tomorrow, including return to work guidelines. Includes expert tips for leading your workforce through the coronavirus pandemic, including addressing employee behavioral health needs.

PPE and Critical Supply Purchasing

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COVID-19 Research Study Participation

COVID-19 Community Research Partnership

Atrium Health has teamed up with Wake Forest Baptist Health and other healthcare systems to learn more about COVID-19 in a brand-new, multi-center research study. The COVID-19 Community Research Partnership uses symptom tracking and at-home testing to gain new insight into how the virus affects people’s health and how it can be contained. Up to 750,000 people are expected to participate in this groundbreaking project. Click below for more information.

COVID-19 Vaccine Registry

Currently, there are no antiviral medicines or licensed vaccines to treat COVID-19. But we hope to change that – with your help. Sign up to learn about – and possibly join – a future COVID-19 vaccine research study. See below for more information.


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