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Atrium Health’s 1-year Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship program equips psychiatrists to practice at the intersection of psychiatry and the law. We emphasize translating forensic psychiatric expertise into community psychiatric care by offering clinical consultation, education and training in general psychiatric settings and providing consultations to legal professionals.

Fellows work with an underserved forensic psychiatric inpatient population at Broughton Hospital, conducting competence to stand trial evaluations and restoration services. They also perform these evaluations and competency restoration treatment in an outpatient community-based program at Atrium Health Behavioral Health Charlotte, using both in-person and telepsychiatry evaluations.

Our experienced faculty, consisting of board-certified forensic psychiatrists, engage in teaching, presenting and writing, offering exposure to a wide range of civil and criminal cases, including issues like sanity, diminished capacity, psychiatric malpractice, guardianship, fitness for duty and risk assessments. We provide comprehensive didactics and hands-on experiences to prepare fellows for national board examinations and successful careers in forensic psychiatry.

Where you will train

  • Atrium Health Behavioral Health Charlotte

    Atrium Health Behavioral Health Charlotte, a facility of Carolinas Medical Center, provides a variety of mental health services and support to individuals in need.

  • Broughton Hospital

    Broughton Hospital is a state psychiatric hospital located in Western NC, where individuals in need receive mental health services and treatment.

Program rotations

Atrium Health Behavioral Health Charlotte

Fellows have the opportunity to provide patient care in a community capacity restoration program. This outpatient program focuses on restoring capacity for defendants found incapable to proceed. Fellows concentrate on treatment planning, capacity assessment and community risk assessment. They also provide forensic consultation in general psychiatry settings, including psychiatric inpatient units and psychiatric emergency departments.

Risk assessments for adults and children, as well as assessments for civil commitment and guardianship, are conducted during this rotation. Fellows also participate in a variety of forensic cases referred by private attorneys, courts and administrative bodies. These cases may involve risk assessment, capacity to proceed, sanity at the time of the act, diminished capacity, fitness for duty, psychiatric malpractice, testamentary capacity and undue influence.

Broughton Hospital

Fellows work with patients (from underserved populations) found incapable to proceed. They collaborate with a forensic mental health team that includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and nursing staff. Fellows gain knowledge in inpatient forensic assessment, risk assessment and the role of psychological testing in forensic evaluations.

How to apply

We seek individuals who are deeply committed to this field and are drawn to our program for its extensive training and mentorship.

If you are interested in applying to our program or would like further information, please contact our program coordinator.

Meet the faculty

Dr. Soliman is our Program Director and Dr. Saxton is our Assistant Program Director.