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Mental health issues can interfere with individuals’ ability to navigate the criminal justice system. At Atrium Health Behavioral Health Community Capacity Restoration (CCR), we are dedicated to providing education, support and care for patients who require capacity restoration to stand trial. Our goal is to restore their mental well-being, enhance their capacity to participate effectively and ensure a fair and just process for everyone involved.

Program highlights:

  • We serve the local community: CCR is designed to assist individuals specifically in Mecklenburg County who need capacity restoration services but do not require an inpatient stay.
  • We help patients avoid unnecessary civil commitment: By offering community-based services, we provide an alternative that is less restrictive. As an added benefit, this helps preserve access to inpatient treatment for patients who need it the most.
  • We provide community-focused care: CCR focuses on providing support within the community setting. This approach ensures that individuals receive the necessary resources and assistance while remaining in a familiar environment, which can contribute to better outcomes.


  1. Tailored treatment plans: We make sure each patient is given the attention they deserve. Once we receive a referral from the Mecklenburg County court system, our program manager reviews it and schedules an intake with the patient. The team then meets to develop a plan specifically tailored to the patient’s needs and discuss any barriers they may face.
  2. Assessments: One of our forensic psychiatrists conducts a thorough assessment, considering the patient’s current psychiatric status, treatment needs and any risks they may face. This evaluation helps us to understand how we can best support each patient on their journey.
  3. Comprehensive care: As a team, we meet regularly to discuss patient contacts and encounters, ensuring that we’re providing comprehensive care. Our psychiatrists will also meet with patients regularly to monitor their progress, adjust medications if needed and assess any risks.
  4. Coordinated support: Throughout the process, our team actively engages with the relevant stakeholders, such as courts, defense attorneys and district attorneys, as appropriate in each case.
  5. Patient-centered care: The patient’s personalized care continues throughout the program. They attend capacity restoration group therapy, have one-on-one sessions and receive medication management services. We believe in treating the whole person and offering additional therapies and support when needed.
  6. Support beyond completion: We empower the patient to continue focusing on wellness even after completing our program. We coordinate referrals for ongoing treatment, connecting them with appropriate resources for aftercare.
  7. Personalized program duration: We truly understand that each patient’s journey to restoration is unique. This means the program length can vary based on their specific clinical and forensic needs. We firmly believe in taking the time necessary to achieve best possible outcomes for our patients.
  8. Monitoring to track progress: We track key outcomes to ensure we are continuously providing the highest quality clinical and forensic services.

Team approach

At our core, we are a team of compassionate professionals. Our team consists of :

  • Forensic psychiatrists who provide clinical direction and treatment
  • A program manager who oversees the day-to-day work
  • A psychotherapist who provides individual and group sessions
  • A forensic navigator who connects patients to vital services
  • A peer support specialist who builds relations and advocates for patients’ rights
  • A nurse who promotes wellness and education

Together, we strive to create a supportive and caring environment that will empower individuals by providing them with the support they need to regain their capacity to stand trial. Our community-based approach aims to create a more accessible pathway for capacity restoration.


Our CCR treatment team is here to assist patients every step of the way. We are available to review potential referrals in Mecklenburg County. Please note we are only able to accept referrals from legal stakeholders. If you are facing criminal charges and believe you may be able to benefit from the program, please contact your defense attorney for advice about how best to proceed.

Our dedicated treatment team will carefully review all referrals and determine the most appropriate action. If we are unable to admit a patient to our program, we will work with the court and other stakeholders to find the best alternative treatment environment.

To make a referral or if you have any questions or need additional support or guidance through the referral process, please contact us at 704-444-2453 or

Forensic Psychiatrists