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At Atrium Health Senior Care we specialize in treating medical problems for the geriatric population, or adults 65 and older. Whether you’re having trouble with your memory or everyday activities, we’re here to help. Located on the campus of Atrium Health University, we offer different types of care depending on your needs:

  • Our Geriatric Assessment Clinic helps patients with mood disorder, frequent falls, advanced care planning and more.
  • Our Senior Care Memory Clinic helps patients with memory loss, dementia and other related illnesses.

We also offer virtual memory care for rural patients and their families in Cleveland and Stanly counties.

With our expert providers, you or your loved one will get the compassionate care they deserve.

Conditions Treated at Atrium Health Senior Care

Memory Clinic

The Senior Care Memory Clinic is dedicated to helping you or a loved one with dementia or related illnesses that affect memory and thought, including:

  • Mild cognitive impairment, the beginning of issues with thought processes
  • Alzheimer’s disease, which causes memory loss and confusion
  • Vascular dementia, dementia which can happen after brain damage and is sometimes caused by stroke
  • Lewy body dementia, a type of dementia caused by protein deposits in the brain that can cause hallucinations and thinking problems
  • Parkinson’s dementia that affects how you move and can cause shaking or tremors
  • Frontotemporal dementia, changes to personality, behavior and language

Our memory clinic takes a team approach to compassionate care. Each patient will work with a dedicated board-certified geriatrician, nurse and social worker from diagnosis to treatment.

Learn more about our treatments for dementia and related illnesses.

Geriatric Assessment Clinic

Our experts in the Geriatric Assessment Clinic develop personalized care plans tailored for you or your loved one. We’ll look at your physical and emotional needs, medicines you take and planning for the future to find the best care plan for you.

A comprehensive assessment will address:
  • Trouble with walking and moving
  • Cognitive Screening
  • Depression screening
  • Functional ability
  • Medication appropriateness
  • Advanced care planning
  • Caregiver burden
  • Psychosocial needs
  • Polypharmacy, or the use of multiple drugs to treat a single condition
  • Frequent falls
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Multiple complex medical conditions

Virtual Memory Care

The Virtual Memory Clinic uses a team approach to care for patients with dementia and assist their families in the rural counties of Cleveland and Stanly.

The virtual clinic links patients, families and caregivers with national resources such as Veterans Administration, Project CARE and the Alzheimer’s Association, and local resources to include the Department of Social Services, Council on Aging, adult day programs and the Program for All-inclusive Care for the Aging (PACE). 

Patient Care – What to Expect

Your first visit will take about 1 to 2 hours. During that time, we’ll ask about your health history and get to know you and your caregiver.

At this first visit, the patient should be joined by someone who knows them well.

The team will:
  • Review all medicines (The patient should bring medicines and supplements to the appointment.)
  • Review prior medical records, including lab results, brain scans, etc.
  • Perform a complete physical exam
  • Perform memory testing
  • Conduct a gait assessment, looking at how you walk, such as your speed or ability to step over something

Our Providers

Meet our providers and find the one for you. Use the filters to narrow your search.