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Residency Program Directory

Program Program
 Dentistry Robert Hollowell, DDS Linda Burke  704-355-1467
 Emergency Medicine Sean Fox, MD Mary Fiorillo
Blanca Benavides
 Family Medicine Dellyse Bright, MD Tonya Robinson
Felicia Lassiter
Megan Perkins (Union)
 Internal Medicine Matthew Blackwell, MD Ashley Clark
Jennifer Magness
 Neurological Surgery Scott Wait, MD Cameron Davis  704-355-4823
 Obstetrics and Gynecology Amy Boardman, MD Olivia Love  704-355-6688
 Oral Medicine Joel Napenas, DDS Linda Burke  704-355-1467
 Orthopedic Surgery Brian Scannell, MD Helen Womack  704-649-5497
 Pediatrics Sydney Primis, MD Avis Grainger  704-381-6806
 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Kelly Crawford, MD Sandra M Watson  704-355-4406
 Psychiatry Susan Gray, MD Kimberly Greene  704-358-2736
 Surgery John Green, MD Shelly Williamson  704-355-3641
 Urology Stephen Riggs, MD Meghan Flack  704-446-9243

Fellowship Program Directory

Program Program
Emergency Medicine
Global Medicine Adeline Dozois, MD Claudette Batton 704-355-5300
Emergency Medical Services Stephan Tyler Constantine, MD Amy Swoope 704-355-8660
Operational/Disaster David W. Callaway, MD Claudette Batton 704-355-5300
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Christyn Magill, MD Asuncion Erikson 704-355-4212
Pharmaceutical Toxicology
Anna Dulaney, Pharm.D.
Anna Dulaney, Pharm.D.
Toxicology Christine Murphy, MD Tammy Moore 704-355-0506
Ultrasound Denise Fraga, MD Blanca Benavides 704-355-7205
Family Medicine
Geriatrics Anthony Caprio, MD Catherine Yang 704-304-7118
Sports Medicine David Price, MD Catherine Yang 704-304-7118
Internal Medicine
Advanced Endoscopy Andrew Dries, MD Maddy Michalik 704-355-7479
Gastroenterology Steven Zacks, MD Maddy Michalik 704-355-7479
Hematology & Medical Oncology Jimmy Hwang, MD Stephen Balok 980-442-6036
Transplant Hepatology/Hepatology Research  Mark Russo, MD Maddy Michalik 704-355-7479
Supportive Oncology Declan Walsh Lisette Clemente-Cline 980-442-0901
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Female Pelvic Medicine &
Reconstructive Surgery
Megan Tarr, MD Rita Law
Olivia Love
Oral Medicine
Oral Oncology Anita Patel, DMD Linda Burke 704-355-1467
Orthopaedic Surgery
Orthopaedic Trauma Madhav A. Karunakar, MD Hanna Lyons 704-355-6046
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
PM&R Brain Injury Sima Desai, MD Sandra M Watson 704-355-4406
Cancer Rehabilitation Vishwa Raj, MD Sandra M Watson 704-355-4406
Acute Care Surgery Ronald Sing, DO Tyler Rape 704-355-3509
Advanced GI Todd Heniford, MD Michelle Amabile 704-355-4870
Bariatric Surgery Abdelrahman Nimeri, MD Vena Addison 704-355-5114
Breast Surgical Oncology Lejla Hadzikadic, MD Bernadette Cooper 980-442-6358
Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery (HPB) David Iannitti, MD Suzie Smeaton 704-355-4062
Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Robotics John Martinie, MD Suzie Smeaton 704-355-4062
Surgical Critical Care Rita Brintzenhoff, MD Tyler Rape 704-355-3509
Urological Oncology Kris Gaston, MD Meghan Flack 704-446-9243
Vascular Surgery
Vascular Surgery Gregory Stanley, MD Cameron Davis 704-355-4823