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Emergency ultrasound is an integral part of the clinical, educational and research mission of the Department of Emergency Medicine. Since 1997, emergency ultrasound has been used for resuscitation, trauma evaluation, AAA recognition and detection of first trimester pregnancy complications, abdominal, near field, and procedural applications. Multiple research studies have been performed on the topic of emergency ultrasound in our department. The Department of Emergency Medicine firmly believes that ultrasound is one of the bedside tools the emergency physician should master to properly evaluate patients during emergency care. Within the Department of Emergency Medicine, the Division of Emergency Ultrasound has been created with the addition of additional faculty and the maturation of the emergency ultrasound fellowship.

Clinical Care
The department has four ultrasound machines that are in continual use. All have extensive Doppler and digital capability. The annual volume of emergency ultrasounds performed has grown each year to an annual ultrasound procedure census of 6000 per year. The attending physicians are credentialed and a quality assurance program audits every ultrasound that is performed. Ultrasound is used extensively for resuscitation (both non-traumatic and traumatic), pregnancy, abdominal evaluation, cardiovascular evaluation, soft-tissue, musculoskeletal, ocular, and for procedural guidance.

Director of Emergency Ultrasound
The director of emergency ultrasound is Vivek Tayal, MD, an emergency physician with extensive clinical and academic experience with ultrasound. Dr. Tayal served as the chair of the ACEP section on emergency ultrasound from 2000 - 2001 and 2008 - 2009. He is also active nationally with the SAEM ultrasound interest group and AIUM. He is the ACEP liaison to the AIUM .

The director of the ultrasound fellowship is Anthony Weekes, MD, an emergency medicine physician whose certifications in ultrasonography include echocardiography. His special interests are the critical care applications of emergency ultrasonography.

Margaret Lewis, MD is the Director of Ultrasound in Undergraduate Medical Education at Carolinas Medical Center/ Charlotte Campus of UNC School of Medicine. She completed her ultrasound fellowship at Carolinas Medical Center in 2012 and stayed on as faculty. She has since developed a longitudinal ultrasound curriculum for the third year medical students at CMC as well as a fourth year medical school rotation in point of care ultrasound. She has presented abstracts regarding her work in development of ultrasound curricula at national meetings. Dr. Lewis has lectured on emergency ultrasound applications nationally and has worked with Dr. Weekes and Dr. Tayal to develop Code Ultrasound, a multidisciplinary critical care ultrasound course. Her interests include ultrasound education, undergraduate medical education, critical care ultrasound and pediatric ultrasound applications.

A one-year emergency ultrasound fellowship was started five years ago. The fellowship follows the ACEP Emergency US Guidelines, and participating in the website and application process. The ultrasound fellow is expected to be: involved in clinical ultrasound research; get extensive experience with ultrasound program development and maintenance, especially quality assurance; and develop strong teaching skills and an extensive knowledge base through group didactic sessions, bedside teaching of learners and supervised scan sessions with 'ultrasound' faculty.

Drs. Tayal and Weekes have lectured extensively on emergency ultrasound both regionally, nationally and internationally.

Residency Training 
Residency training in emergency ultrasound is incorporated into the daily didactics lecture series and clinical rotation of the emergency department. Emergency medicine residents use ultrasound during their clinical evaluation of patients in the ED. In addition, there are specific PGY-1 rotations involving emergency ultrasound as well as a PGY-3 elective.

Research and Publication
Research has also been a focus of our ultrasound program, specifically into resuscitation, both non-traumatic and trauma and first trimester pregnancy. Some examples include:

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  Contact Information

Emergency Ultrasound Division
Department of Emergency Medicine
Attn: Vivek Tayal, MD
Medical Education Bldg., 3rd floor
1000 Blythe Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203
Email Vivek Tayal

Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship (1 year)
Department of Emergency Medicine
Attn: Anthony J. Weekes, MD
Medical Education Bldg., 3rd floor
1000 Blythe Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203
Email Anthony Weekes

Current and past fellows:

Laura Oh
Medical School:  University of Michigan

Jordan Chanler-Berat
Medical School:  New York Medical College

Sam Ghali
Medical School: American University of the Caribbean 

David Johnson
Medical School: UNC Irvine

Margaret Lewis
Medical School: MUSC

Dale Quirke
Medical School:  University of Cincinnati

Heather Tassone
Medical School:  College of Osteopathic Med. of the Pacific

Krishnaraj Jayarama
Medical School:  New York College of Osteopathic Maedcine of Nyit

Casey Glass
Medical School: Pennsylvania State

Gregory Snead
Medical School:  UCLA

Manoj Pariyadath
Medical School:  MUSC