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Following the conclusion of their residency, many physicians choose Atrium Health in Charlotte, NC to further develop their careers as fellows. As one of the largest independent academic medical centers in the nation, our fellowships offer diverse educational experiences, clinical exposure and research opportunities on par with many of the nation’s top university-affiliated fellowship programs. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has recognized 11 fellowships at Atrium Health in various specialties across the entire continuum of care.

Fellowships at Atrium Health range from one- to three-year programs and accept between one and three fellows each year. Applications for most programs are accepted through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and most participate in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).

The application cycle and criteria for each fellowship program is different. Contact the respective program coordinator with questions.

Currently Offered Fellowship Programs

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Services– EMS (ACGME)
Program Coordinator: Amy Swoope
Phone: 704-355-8660
Email: Amy.Swoope@AtriumHealth.org

Emergency Medicine - Global Medicine
Program Coordinator: Mary Fiorillo
Phone: 704-355-3658
Email: Mary.Fiorillo@AtriumHealth.org

Pediatric Emergency Medicine (ACGME)
Program Coordinator: Asuncion Erikson
Phone: 704-355-4212
Email: Asuncion.Erikson@AtriumHealth.org

Operational and Disaster Medicine
Program Director: David W. Callaway, MD
Phone: 704-355-3744
Email: David.Callaway@AtriumHealth.org

Pharmaceutical Toxicology
Program Coordinator: Anna Dulaney,Pharm.D.
Phone: 704-512-3751
Email: Anna.Dulaney@AtriumHealth.org

Toxicology (ACGME)
Program Director: Christine Murphy, MD
Phone: 704-355-4212
Email: Christine.Murphy@AtriumHealth.org

Program Director: Denise Fraga, MD
Phone: 704-355-3181
Email: Denise.Fraga@AtriumHealth.org

Family Medicine

Geriatric Medicine (ACGME)
Program Coordinator: Rachel Davis
Phone: 704-304-7118
Email: GERICoordinator@AtriumHealth.org

Sports Medicine (ACGME)
Program Coordinator: Rachel Davis
Phone: 704-304-7118
Email: Rachel.Davis@AtriumHealth.org

Sports Medicine Cabarrus
Program Coordinator: Beth Long
Phone: 704-403-0463
Email: Beth.Long@AtriumHealth.org

Internal Medicine

Gastroenterology (ACGME)
Program Coordinator: Maddy Michalik
Phone: 704-355-7479
Email: Madeleine.Michalik@AtriumHealth.org

Gastroenterology 4th Year Advanced Endoscopy
Program Coordinator: Maddy Michalik
Phone: 704-355-7479
Email: Madeleine.Michalik@AtriumHealth.org

Hematology/Medical Oncology (ACGME)
Program Coordinator: Stephen Balok
Phone: 980-442-6158
Email: Stephen.Balok@AtriumHealth.org

Transplant Hepatology
Program Coordinator: Maddy Michalik
Phone: 704-355-7479
Email: Madeleine.Michalik@AtriumHealth.org

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive (ACGME)
Program Coordinator: Rita Law
Phone: 704-304-1165
Email: Rita.Law@AtriumHealth.org

Orthopaedic Trauma

Orthopaedic Trauma (ACGME)
Program Coordinator: Patricia Hines
Phone: 704-355-6046
Email: Pat.Hines@AtriumHealth.org

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Brain Injury (ACGME)
Program Coordinator: Sandra Watson
Phone: 704-355-4406
Email: Sandra.M.Watson@AtriumHealth.org


Advanced Gastrointestinal &  Minimally Invasive Surgery
Program Coordinator: Michelle Amabile
Phone: 704-355-4870
Email: Michelle.Amabile@AtriumHealth.org

Program Coordinator: Vena Addison
Phone: 704-446-3511
Email: Vena.Addison@AtriumHealth.org

Breast Surgical Oncology
Program Coordinator: Charlene Carrick
Phone: 980-442-6358
Email: Charlene.Carrick@AtriumHealth.org

Hepato-Pancreato-Bilary (HPB)
Program Coordinator: Suzie Smeaton
Phone: 704-355-4062
Email: Suzie.Smeaton@AtriumHealth.org 

Surgical Critical Care/Acute Care Surgery (SCC-ACGME)
Program Coordinator: Tyler Rape
Phone: 704-355-3509
Email: Tyler.Rape@AtriumHealth.org

Urological Oncology

Urological Oncology
Program Coordinator: Meghan Flack
Phone: 704-446-9243
Email: Meghan.Flack@AtriumHealth.org

Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery (ACGME)
Program Coordinator: Cameron Davis
Phone: 704-355-4823
Email: Cameron.Davis@AtriumHealth.org