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The Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship provides residents with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary experience in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with breast disease. The program was designed to broaden and deepen the general surgery resident’s knowledge and skillset so that they can become advanced surgeons leading the field of breast surgical oncology in the nation’s top programs.

Where You Will Train

Levine Cancer Jumbotron

Atrium Health Levine Cancer Institute

Levine Cancer Institute (LCI) is one of the leading and most innovative cancer centers in the country, providing a full spectrum of cancer care, breakthrough treatments and survivorship programs at more than 25 locations across the Carolinas. With its unique hybrid academic and community care model, LCI is pioneering world-class medicine, then bringing it directly to patients close to home.

LCI’s team of nationally recruited cancer experts is experienced in treating the full spectrum of solid tumor and blood cancers, including the rarest and most challenging cases. The team is focused on providing advanced cancer care, including state-of-the-art technology, Phase 1 clinical trials and a clinical pathway program.

What Fellows are Saying


“My time at Levine Cancer Institute Carolinas Medical Center was marked by incredible learning and professional growth. I went from being a general surgeon to a surgical oncologist after learning a multidisciplinary approach to breast care. Through the mentorship received there I am a better surgeon and a more compassionate, empathetic physician.”

Karinn Chambers, MD (2011-2012 Fellow)


“Breast surgery fellowship at CMC allowed me to not only gain valuable clinical knowledge and hone my surgical skills, but also taught me the importance of working with a collaborative team of doctors, nurses, and staff to provide the best treatment for the patient, while never losing sight of the patient and their hopes, dreams, fears, and desires. The wonderful surgeons I trained under taught me the importance of not only being a skilled surgeon, but also an empathetic listener, a team player, and a leader.”

Shoko Emily Abe, MD (2013-2014 Fellow)


“I felt my experience at CMC was nothing short of impressive. I felt my exposure to breast pathology and education goals were commensurate to other large academic centers. However, I really think what sets it apart is the responsibility and autonomy set upon you. The standard is set high, but you feel very prepared for your next step (in many ways) upon completion. Additionally, the strong relationships developed will last well beyond the days at CMC.”

Jacquelyn Virgi Palmer, MD, FACS, Surgical Breast Oncology, Mercy Health, Fairfield Hospital (2014-2015 Fellow)


"I appreciated the wide variety of pathology that I saw as a fellow. I gained experience with benign disease as well as every stage of breast cancer. I also enjoyed working with multiple breast surgeons as I was able to learn something different from each attending. The exposure to the medical and radiation oncologists as well as radiologists and pathologists was extremely helpful."

Laura Hudson, MD, Atrium Cabarrus with Paragon Surgical Specialist (2018-2019 Fellow)

Meet the Faculty


“The purpose of our fellowship is to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary experience in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with breast disease and breast cancer. Our goal is to expand the knowledge and skills of the surgical resident interested in breast disease and train strong fellows who will become investigators/leaders in their community and in the field of breast surgical oncology.”

Dr. Hadzikadic Gusic
Program Director

Program Curriculum

Fellows will be immersed in a patient-centered, multidisciplinary curriculum covering the management and treatment of benign and malignant breast diseases. This program offers a hands-on experience as fellows will work under the advisement of our 12 dedicated breast radiologists who, together, treat more than 800 new breast cancer patients a year, 400 of which are patients with benign breast processes.

The fellowship also gives residents exposure to Atrium Health’s high-risk program, as well as clinical trials with the NRG Oncology, Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBS), Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO), and National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. This program is certified by the NAPBC.


Our fellows will focus on breast surgical oncology, breast pathology, breast imaging, medical and radiation oncology, plastic and reconstructive surgery and genetics. Additionally, fellows will gain experience with integrative oncology, onco-fertility, psychosocial oncology, rehabilitative medicine and community service in breast-related events. There are ample opportunities for fellows to conduct research, participate in clinical trials and attend conferences and lecture series.

Salary and Benefits

In addition to the many educational and career benefits of the The Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship program, fellows will receive financial benefits as well.

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Application Criteria

Our fellows apply through the Society of Surgical Oncology (SS0). We are a program that is accredited through the SSO and therefore applicants apply through the SSO Breast Surgical Oncology match process. Links below.