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Atrium Health’s Obesity Medicine Fellowship is a 1-year program designed to train competent and well-rounded internal medicine or family medicine physicians in the pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of obesity. Fellows will work with board certified obesity medicine specialists, bariatric surgeons, advanced practitioners and dieticians to learn about the complex disease of obesity. Upon completion, graduates will be prepared to sit from the ABOM examination and practice in a variety of settings

Where You Will Train

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Program Curriculum

Our program is focused on understanding the complexity and biology of obesity, as it is the root cause of many other chronic diseases. The goal is to train family medicine and internal medicine physicians to become expert obesity medicine specialists who possess a broad fund of knowledge and high skill level in the diagnosis and management of obesity. This will be accomplished through clinical experience and research. Fellows will work with a patient population that is socioeconomically diverse. Graduates will be prepared to become clinical and academic leaders in the field of obesity medicine.

The structure of our OM fellowship 1-year program:
• 80% clinical
o Rotate with obesity medicine specialists, bariatric surgeons and dietitians
o Manage their own patient panel with attending oversight
o Attend didactic lectures given by the faculty and other educational conferences
o Teach medical students and residents rotating on the obesity medicine elective
• 20% research
o Variety of research projects available

Application Criteria

Applications are accepted through the Obesity Medicine Fellowship Obesity Medicine Fellowship Council - OMFC - Home (