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Childbirth and motherhood classes are a great way to prepare for pregnancy and caring for your child. See our upcoming schedule and sign up at the maternity center of your choice.

Classes Available

Newborn Care, Safety and CPR: Learn the basics of caring for your newborn, like how to hold them, comfort them and change a diaper. You’ll also learn emergency care for infant choking and CPR.

Breastfeeding: Discover how breastfeeding works, including how to establish a good milk supply, what makes a good latch and how to know your baby is getting enough milk. 

Childbirth: Feel a little more relaxed going into the delivery room by learning what happens during labor, as well as relaxation, massage and positioning techniques. 

Infant Massage: You love massages, and so does your baby! This class teaches massage techniques to help your baby relax, sleep and grow strong. 

Parent Bootcamp: We offer bootcamps for new moms and dads to learn how to prepare for parenthood and care for a newborn. 

Grandparent Class: Anyone who spends time with your newborn needs to know the basics of care and safety, and we offer a class just for grandparents. 

Sibling Class: Being a big brother or sister is a big promotion! This class helps soon-to-be siblings get ready and learn how to help.

Pregnancy and Childcare Classes