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Mecklenburg Birthing Connections

In Mecklenburg County, babies born to Black mothers die before their first birthday more often than other babies. We created this website to raise awareness about this issue and empower Black families with information and resources for their birth and childcare journey.

  • Babies born to Black mothers in Mecklenburg County are

    2 times more

    likely to die

    before their 1st birthday than babies born to White mothers.
    We want to change that.

  • Dr.Pamela Cobb
    "All women should receive health care that is respectful, culturally competent, safe and of the highest quality.  Mecklenburg Birthing Connections (MBC) provides information and resources to help equip Black women to navigate their prenatal and post-partum care.  By providing education on the unique risks they may encounter during pregnancy and focusing on Black women’s individual needs including non-clinical, social needs, MBC assists women in optimizing a more positive birth experience and promotes healthy families."- Dr.Pamela Cobb

Before Pregnancy


  • A woman receives an ultrashound.

    I want to feel prepared for my pregnancy experience as a Black birthing person.

  • Woman kissing baby on forehead

    I want to know what my birthing options are.

  • A woman in a t-shirt and jeans sits while talking with a doctor.

    I want to create a birth plan.

  • Pregnant women sitting together in a group class.

    I want to know about classes and what questions to ask my doctor.

After Pregnancy

  • I want to learn about taking care of my body after having my baby.

  • A woman sitting on a couch while looking at a baby stroller.

    I'm not feeling like myself and could use support.

  • A woman sitting on the floor looking at her child.

    I'm unsure about how to care for my baby and manage my responsibilities.


  • A pregnant woman smiling and talking with a woman in a white shirt.

    I want ideas for how to be supportive of an expecting parent.

  • A baby sitting on the floor and playing with building blocks.

    I would like to learn about making my space baby friendly.

  • An adult puts their hand on the head of a sleeping baby.

    I am interested in learning about how to care for an infant.

  • A woman holding a baby in her arms as it drinks from a bottle.

    I want to learn more about feeding my infant.

  • Two people holding hands.

    I am the primary caregiver for a child and need resource assistance.

Loss of Child

  • Two people holding hands.

    I want to talk to someone about my experience.

  • A woman sitting and talking with a doctor.

    I think I am ready to try for another baby, but I have questions.

  • A doctor consoles a patient by holding their hand.

    Find a health care provider.

Community Resources