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Wings to Soar campers give thanks to the community.

Wings to Soar Camp

A Journey Through Grief for Children and Teens

Learn, share, laugh, grow. Wings to Soar, a day camp held annually each summer, can help your child or teen deal with the death of a loved one. Experiencing such a loss can be especially difficult for children in today’s fast-moving world. We help them understand death and cope with their grief in a positive, open and honest way.

We provide the resources to help children and teens through the grieving process. By allowing them to interact with others in their peer group who have experienced a loss, we enable them to find strength in this shared experience.

Wings to Soar provides a fun camp environment with plenty of laughter and fun. Our activities are led by trained hospice professionals and volunteers experienced in working with grieving children and teens. We teach them that grief isn’t about forgetting someone, but about remembering that person with less pain.

Thanks to the generous support we receive from the community and grant funding from United Way of Central Carolinas, Wings to Soar Camp is provided at NO COST.


If you know a child or teen who has lost a loved one at least three months prior to camp, or for questions, please contact us at: