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Supporting the Diverse Pharmacological Needs of Drug Research

We offer investigational drug services through our pharmacy to support investigators as they conduct drug research, such as Phase I clinical trials, first-in-human research and studies that have helped lead to FDA approval of drugs.

Our pharmacists provide services in both inpatient and outpatient clinical trials. They are experienced in the making, handling and dispensing of drugs being studied, resulting in investigators and sponsors having complete confidence in how the process is managed from start to finish.

Some of the highlights of our investigational drug services include:

  • Controlled access with temperature monitoring
  • Extensive experience in Phase I, II and III clinical trials
  • Use of investigational drug service software for drug accountability
  • Separate pharmacy with controlled access
  • Clean room for sterilization
  • Ability to dispense both hazardous and non-hazardous medications
  • Availability for 24/7 studies

Additionally, our team is available to collaborate with investigators and research teams on protocol development, study design, blinding of study supplies, and overall management and dispensing of investigational drugs.