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Uncovering the Secrets of Managing and Surviving ALS

There is a new crescendo of approaches being developed for the treatment of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and Atrium Health is at the forefront of that movement. Finding therapies that improve function – and eventually survival – for patients with ALS is a focus of our research team. Our efforts revolve around developing innovative therapies and more effective approaches to physical rehabilitation that will lead to a new standard of care.

Our research team is involved in many new areas of exploration regarding ALS patient care, including helping to develop the ALS Functioning Rating Scale. Previous evaluation focused on survival. This new tool, which is used in clinical management and trials, is based on function.

New areas of study focus include:

  • Exploring the role of exercise in decreasing falls
  • Developing new forms of occupational therapy to help increase mobility
  • Working with speech pathologists to improve swallowing and speech rates
  • Increasing understanding around balance issues and how to treat them
  • Examining an agent that may improve breathing and strength