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Department of Oral Medicine
Academic / Clinical Faculty

General Dentistry
George Betancourt, DMD
Luis Dancausse, DDS
Arnold Ma, DDS
Ralph Mello, DDS
Anita Patel, DMD*
Jeff Phillippi, DDS

Sonia Chopra, DDS, MS
Tanya Reiter, DDS
Mark Tadrissi, DDS

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
J. Anthony Johnson, DMD, MD
Brian Tallent, DDS


Pediatric Dentistry
Molly Frank, DDS, MS
Scott Goodman, DDS, MS
Margaret Lochary, DDS
Jeff Monaco, DMD
Jason Sperati, DDS, MS

Caleb Corwin, DDS
Ken Corsig, DMD, MHS
Matthew Ficca, DDS, MS
Eric Kerr, DDS, MS
George Stuart, DDS
Christopher Van Kesteren, DDS, MS

Robert H. Schortz, DDS*

Rotation Preceptors / Non-dental Academic Faculty
Sandra Craig, MD - Emergency Medicine
Don Kamerer, MD - Otolaryngology
Daniel Brennan, CRNA - Anesthesia
J. Matthew Blackwell, MD – Internal Medicine

*Faculty, Department of Oral Medicine