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During the 2021-2022 academic year, salaries for Carolinas Medical Center trainees are as follows:

  • PGY-1 – $60,400
  • PGY-2 – $63,100
  • PGY-3 – $65,700
  • PGY-4 – $68,800
  • PGY-5 – $71,800
  • PGY-6 – $74,500
  • PGY-7 – $77,200
  • PGY-8 – $80,500


  • Two health plan options for teammates to select from. Employer paid premiums for resident/fellow and eligible dependents/spouse are provided by Atrium Health LiveWELL Health Savings Plan with a savings account (HSA) or the option to select LiveWELL Health Co-Pay Plan with a spending account (FSA), for residents/fellows and eligible dependent/spouse at a significantly subsidized biweekly premium paid by resident/fellow through payroll deduction.
  • Employer paid premiums for Dental coverage under DELTA Dental for resident/fellow and eligible dependents/spouse.
  • Vision coverage by Community Eye Care with no copay for eye exams and annual allowance for eyewear up to $200 per year for residents/fellows and eligible dependents/spouse. Premiums are paid by the resident/fellow.
  • Other voluntary benefits are available with premiums being payroll deducted
  • 15 weekdays* of paid vacation at every level. There are 5 additional days of vacation to be taken during PGY-3 OR subsequent year (Not each additional year). Vacation days are approved by the program director. *NOTE: 5 days of the 15 days paid vacation are allocated to a holiday block (December/January). Should a resident opt not to be scheduled for time off during this holiday block, the 5 days remain in their vacation pool for that academic year.
  • Professional liability, life and disability insurances are provided for House Staff only
  • $1,900 for Continuing Education and Scholarly Activity funds are provided each academic year – For more details, see Scholarly Expense Allowance Policy in the GME Policies
  • 401K
  • Lab Coats – Three coats are provided initially. One coat allowed each subsequent academic year. Laundry service provided at no charge. See Lab Coat Laundry Services Guidelines in the GME Policies
  • Meal Allowance - for more details, see Meal Allowance Policy in the GME Policies
  • Free reserved parking for residents and fellows

More information about Atrium Health benefits are available on the 2021-2022 Summary of Benefits for Residents and Fellows link below.

2021-22 Summary of Benefits for Residents and Fellows