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Visitor Guideline Update: Due to respiratory virus season, children 12 and under are not permitted to visit patients in multiple settings. Additionally, everyone is required to mask in patient rooms and other designated areas. Learn more.

Transplant Programs Online Education Purpose: This webpage provides access to online educational video courses for Kidney & Pancreas Transplant and Liver Transplant programs for patients.*

Kidney & Pancreas Transplant Program

  1. Introduction - 4 mins 55 secs
  2. Transplant Evaluation 4 mins 34 secs
  3. Transplant Waiting List 7 mins 24 secs
  4. Transplant Surgery and Hospital Stay 4 mins 50 secs
  5. Going Home After Transplant Surgery 1 min 42 secs
  6. Living Donor 7 mins 8 secs
  7. Quiz

Transplant Program

  1. Liver Transplant Evaluation 15 mins 17 secs
  2. Liver Transplant Wait List, Transplant Surgery, and Hospital Stay 9 mins 37 secs
  3. Care After Transplant 12 mins 43 secs  

Transplant Patient Resources

Living Donor Champion

*To receive credit for this education, please complete and sign the attestation that will be sent to your email by your nurse coordinator.