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>Lara Alexander, MD

Lara Alexander, MD
Medical School: University of South Florida
Why CMC? Throughout the interview process, I knew that I wanted a high volume and high acuity center for good breadth of training, but I also knew that I wanted to feel supported and encouraged by my co-residents/faculty along the way. On my interview day and pre-interview social with CMC, I could tell how close everyone was and how much they genuinely enjoyed each other. Even my faculty interviewers were kind, down-to-earth and seemed genuinely excited to get to know me. Now that I'm here, I'm even more sure of my decision as everyone has been extremely welcoming and supportive as my class starts residency. Beyond a culture that emphasizes collegiality and wellness, I was also encouraged by how many residents/faculty shared my passion for advancing social justice as it relates to women's maternal and reproductive health. I couldn't be happier to train here at CMC! 

 Anna Buhle, MD

Anna Buhle, MD
Medical school: Viginia Tech Carilion
Why CMC? So many reasons! The most important thing for me at a program was culture. The culture here is very respectful, non-judgemental and patient-centric. Also the professional culture at the program is amazing, it is such a friendly and supportive environment to train in. While I was interviewing I got the sense that everyone was actually friends which is absolutely the case. I was also excited about the high volume of complex patients that CMC treats and the awesome (above average) surgical experience that residents receive here! I've only been here a short time but I really think I found the perfect fit (also Charlotte is a great city to live in!)

Sahar Laks.

Shahar Laks, MD
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
Why CMC? It was clear to me from the moment that I interviewed with CMC that this residency program is extremely special. CMC is the program that I knew would help me become the surgeon and physician I aim to be. This program has everything that I was looking for and more - a high volume center, exceptional surgical training, tremendous faculty supportand a diverse patient population. Most of all, every day when I go to work, I am surrounded by the greatest, smartest, kindest group of co-residents that immediately welcomed me into the CMC family. Choosing CMC was an easy decision and I couldn't have picked a more perfect program for me!

Marissa Mayfield.

Marissa Mayfield, MD
Medical School: University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville
Why CMC? First and Foremost, I chose CMC because of the people! On interview day you could tell people truly cared for each other both in and out of the Hospital. It's a bonus that CMC offers robust surgical training, and is committed to advocacy and community engagement. I'm confident that I will become a strong and well rounded OBGYN here.

Hannah Price.

Hannah Price, MD
Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine
 Why CMC? Rotating at CMC as a medical student I was able to witness the genuine relationships the residents have with one another. I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of this group. When looking into residency programs, I wanted in-depth surgical experience, compassionate teachers and a supportive group I could rely on throughout the long hours. All of the residents and attendings are great teachers of surgical and technical skills but also in compassionate patient care and I am lucky to get to learn from them everyday.

Lindsey Wilson.

Lindsey Wilson, MD
Medical School: USC School of Medicine Greenville
Why CMC? On my away rotation, I saw firsthand the strong surgical training and high clinical volume that this program offers. I built strong relationships with the teams that I worked with and saw how close the residents were with each other as well as with the faculty, which was extremely important to me. I knew that this was a place that I would build good relationships with those around me and feel supported while also gaining strong surgical skills and knowledge. I am also from Charlotte and love this city!