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Class of 2020

Dr. Audrey Bowes, Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Myah Griffin, University of South Carolina
Dr. Monica Levine, St. George's University
Dr. Lindsay Snook (Meyers), University of Tennessee
Dr. Eden Yelverton, University of Mississippi
Dr. Cassandra Yoder, Florida Atlantic University

Class of 2019

Dr. Daphne Capek, Tulane University
Dr. Aaron Dom, Marshall University
Dr. James Hogg III, University of Mississippi
Dr. Kathryn Merriam, University of North Carolina
Dr. Jonathan Seibert, Marshall University
Dr. Kaitlyn Tyrie, Pennsylvania State University

Class of 2018

Dr. Katherine Croft, Medical College of Georgia
Dr. Emily Earles, University of Tennessee College of Medicine
Dr. Ashley Martinez, University of South Carolinas School of Medicine
Dr. Rachael McCabe, University of Nevada School of Medicine
Dr. Chelsea Mikell, Medical College of Georgia
Dr. Jennifer Mitch, Ohio State University College of Medicine

Class of 2017

Dr. Drew Benac, Texas A & M University
Dr. Laura Ecklund, Drexel University
Dr. Chancy Gulotta, Louisiana State University
Dr. Courtney Moynihan, University of Nortch Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dr. Aishwarya Reddy, Medical College of Georgia
Dr. Kathryn Webb, Eastern Virgina Medical School

Class of 2016

Dr. Lara Aboulhosn, Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Robyn Bishop, University of Alabama
Dr. Michael Drennen, Wright State University
Dr. Ashley Eskew, University of Louisville
Dr. Matthew Finneran, Northeastern Ohio University
Dr. Nathan Givens, Virginia Commonwealth University

Class of 2015

Dr. Gerald Ray Comer, MD, University of South Carolina
Dr. Josh Counihan, MD, Florida State
Tresa Lombardi, MD, South Florida
Patty Mattingly, MD, Medical College of Georgia
Ankita Patel, MD, The Ohio State University
Tyler Peirce, MD, Medical University of South Carolina

Class of 2014

Dr. Colleen Walsh Cardella, MD, Wake Forest University
Dr. Colleen Cherry, Medical College of Georgia
Dr. Kelly Comerford, University of Florida
Dr. Jessica Deane, University of Vermont
Dr. Lee Garner, East Carolina University
Dr. Lorene Temming, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Class of 2013

Dr. Heather Bane, University of Virginia
Dr. Sara Lange, University of Missouri
Dr. Jillian Martell, Medical College of Georgia
Dr. Kathleen Persavich, Indiana University
Dr. Erin Stover, Tennessee
Dr. Nick Toussaint, Medical University of South Carolina

Class of 2012

Dr. Rachel Akers, Vanderbilt University
Dr. Stephen Blaha, Wake Forest University
Dr. Kari Kalleberg, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Dr. Tolga Mesen, Wake Forest University
Dr. Shane Miller, University of South Carolina
Dr. Joel Yancey, Wake Forest University

Class of 2011

Dr. Kathleen Cools, Meharry Medical College
Dr. Allie Giddings, Medical University of South Carolina
Dr. Sara Lane, Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia
Dr. Erinn Myers, University of Tennessee
Dr. Kristina Petrovski, University of South Carolina
Dr. Rachel Robinson, University of Texas at San Antonio

Class of 2010

Dr. Kenosha Clark, Medical University of South Carolina
Dr. Jott Hallman, Nova SE Osteopathic
Dr. Beth Harvey, Louisiana State University
Dr. Jennie Hauschka, West Virginia University
Dr. Ben Miles, Indiana University
Dr. Kristen Russo-Rivera, Wake Forest University

Class of 2009

Dr. Tammy Bradshaw, West Virginia University
Dr. Michelle Buckler, Medical University of South Carolina
Dr. Jennifer Pugliese, Louisiana State University
Dr. Philomena Salvemini, Wright State University
Dr. Dawn Trollip, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Class of 2008

Dr. Shelly Asbee, Iowa
Dr. Brad Forsyth, Louisiana State University
Dr. Jennifer Hickman, University of South Carolina
Dr. Elizabeth Moran, Wake Forest University
Dr. Sherma Morton, Florida

Class of 2007

Dr. Mark Alanis, Texas-San Antonio
Dr. Noellee Clark, Florida
Dr. Chad Drey, Mercer
Dr. Greg Reynolds, Alabama
Dr. April Ruffin, MCG

Class of 2006

Dr. Maggie Evans, MUSC
Dr. Ansley Hilton, USC
Dr. Allyson Jones, MUSC
Dr. Angela Nix, MCG
Dr. Richard Stephens, Mercer