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It can be hard to go home after a hospitalization or medical procedure as there are many unknowns about recovery and the care you may need.

Transition Clinic is here to help you navigate this difficult time. If these services are right for you, your hospital care team will refer you to our team.

For 30 days following your release from the hospital, our dedicated team of doctors, pharmacists and social workers will provide the care and support you need. Our team will work with you to provide the resources, tools and education to help you have the safest, quickest and healthiest recovery possible. We can provide transitional care in our office, virtually or at your home, depending on your needs and available resources.

How We Help

  • Understanding, accessing, and using new medication(s)
  • Providing support and ongoing treatment for long-term health conditions
  • Completing health screenings and lab work for your unique needs
  • Connecting patients and caregivers with home health services
  • Answering common questions about getting the care and treatment you need
  • Preventing future visits to the Emergency Room and hospital readmissions
Distance: 19.71 miles
Phone: 704-403-9177
Fax: 704-446-3966

Our Providers

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