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A team approach to patient care

At Atrium Health Gastroenterology and Hepatology, our multidisciplinary team of liver specialists use the latest technologies to diagnose and develop personalized treatment plans for people living with hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B

Types of Hepatitis B:

  • Acute: refers to the first six months someone is exposed to the Hepatitis B virus; some people are able to clear the virus on their own.
  • Chronic: refers to the illness that occurs when the hepatitis B virus remains in a person’s body. It can lead to serious health problems.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Hepatitis B is spread through an infected person’s blood, semen, body fluids or from mother to child at time of birth. Many people with chronic hepatitis B do not have symptoms, but it can be detected using specific blood tests. If you think you have been exposed, we can diagnose the virus and provide treatment options.


Most people with acute hepatitis B simply need rest, improved nutrition and medical monitoring. However, some people may need to be hospitalized.

Those living with chronic hepatitis B need to be evaluated and monitored regularly. Even though a person may not have symptoms or feel sick, damage to the liver can still occur. These treatments can improve health and delay or reverse the effects of liver disease. Treatment may include a once-daily pill with few side effects.


The most effective prevention against hepatitis B is to be vaccinated. The vaccine for infants is given in a series of three shots beginning at birth. The adult vaccine is given as a series of three shots over a period of six months. The entire series ensures long-term protection. Booster doses are not currently recommended.


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