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Dr. Paton

These past two years have been remarkable and have shown me the importance of adapting and facing challenges. I can proudly say our program is constantly adapting and evolving as we evaluate our programs and try to make the experience better for our residents.

What has not changed however, is the camaraderie of our residents, faculty and the department culture which I truly feel prioritizes meeting individualized professional goals.

Based on feedback from prior applicants, we will continue to conduct this year’s residency interviews within a virtual platform that is equally accessible to all applicants, regardless of their ability to travel to Charlotte. 

Our goal is to accommodate this interview season in a manner that continues to reflect the most important part of our program, our people. We will go to great lengths to give you a sense of our culture and working environment. 

We are fortunate to receive a high volume of applications from highly qualified candidates each year and we anticipate even more for the 2023 Match. We are excited to evaluate a diverse group of candidates for the six categorical and one preliminary PGY-1 positions that we offer. We will not invite more candidates than we have interview spots available.

Interview Dates for 2023 Match:

Thurs Nov 3, 2022    Thurs  Jan 05, 2023 
Tues Nov 15, 2022    Tues  Jan 17, 2023 
Thurs  Dec 01, 2022    Thurs  Feb 16, 2023 (Preliminary Interview Day) 
Wed  Dec 14, 2022       
Please note a few important points to keep in mind if you are invited for a virtual interview:
  • Applications for our program should be submitted through ERAS.
  • Your main point of contact will be with our Program Administrator, Shelly Williamson. Shelly will send interview invitations to selected candidates via ERAS. After your interview is scheduled, Shelly will send you information specific to your interview day.
  • Applicants are expected to attend a virtual "Meet and Greet" with our residents the evening prior to the virtual interview. This is an essential opportunity for you to interact with our residents, ask questions, and develop a sense of what makes our program special. If you are unable to join this session, please let us know well in advance and we will work to schedule you for another date, as this is a critical part of the application process.
  • On the day of your virtual interview, the Program Director and Chair of the Department of Surgery will spend some time talking about our program and organization. There will be time for you to interact with them and ask questions.
  • The virtual interview process: Applicants interview with the Program Director (1:1) and three faculty members (1:1). Applicants also meet with residents for Q&A opportunities (one session specific to PGY1 residents).
  • After virtual interviews are conducted, both virtual and in-person Open House events will be offered for those interested in finding out more about the program. These events will be occur after our rank list is finalized.

I hope this information helps you prepare for a virtual interview process that you will find pleasant and informative. To help you learn more about our program, please check our website for updated information and be sure to follow our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Thank you for your interest in Carolinas Medical Center’s General Surgery Residency. I look forward to hearing from you! 

B. Lauren Paton, MD, FACS
Program Director