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The General Surgery Residency sees the importance of wellness both inside and outside of the hospital.  Thanks to resident feedback, the residency has adopted a wellness curriculum sponsored by the Department of Surgery.  With a multifactorial approach to wellness, the curriculum incorporates a variety of monthly activities to support resident vitality.  Monthly activities include events at the nearby White-Water Center and service events aimed at giving back to our community.

In addition, residents enjoy a myriad of leisure activities and social outings in their time outside of the hospital. North Carolina’s diverse topography offers everything from hiking in the mountains to relaxing at the beach, all within a reasonable distance from Charlotte.

To make the most of their downtime, residents frequently meet up at local breweries, restaurants, and other hangout spots in the Queen City.  Residents are also known to open their own homes and host get-togethers, such as cookouts, game nights and shared holiday dinners.

Resident camaraderie is a vital element during residency. Because our residents maintain an awareness of  their colleagues' workloads, they are usually eager to lend a helping hand to spread the collective effort. Our program is family friendly, and quite a few residents choose to start their family during residency. Families are always welcomed and encouraged at resident gatherings!

As an applicant recently stated...
"I really felt like this was the first pre-interview social I attended where it was obvious the residents were truly a family unit. You could see how much they respected and enjoyed spending time with one another."

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